July 25, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT:  WIC Approved Food List
SUBJECT:  Risk Factor Reference Guide
SUBJECT:  Obesity Conference
SUBJECT:  Fall Program Updates Training

  1. The WIC State Office is pleased to announce that a pictorial version of the new Missouri WIC Approved Food List - October 1, 2005 - September 30, 2007 is being printed at the State Printing Center.  The State WIC office plans to ship the printed food lists to each local WIC provider during the week of July 25, 2005. The translated food lists (non-pictorial) will be available in PDF by the end of September in the following languages: Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, Somali and Vietnamese. The State office plans to make the printed Spanish version of the new food list (pictorial version) available at the DHSS warehouse by the end of October 2005.;
  2. All HANDS trainings for 2005 are full. Attached is the training schedule for January through June 2006 for HANDS trainings only. A complete WIC training schedule for January through June 2006 will be e-mailed at a later date. If you wish to be put on a waiting list for any of the 2005 HANDS trainings, please indicate this on the training registration form that you submit.  Please reference email dated April 11, 2005 for July through December 2005 training schedule.  A copy of the current training registration is attached.
  3. Attached is the Risk Factors Definitions Table which is a quick reference for the risk factors that Missouri WIC uses. The attached is the reference table pertaining to WOM Policy ER# 2.02800.
  4. Attached please find information about the University of Kansas 7th Annual Conference on the Prevention and Treatment of Overweight & Obese Individuals.
  5. A second e-mail will be sent to the LWPs on July 26 (Tuesday), which will provide information about the upcoming Fall Program Updates Training scheduled in October.