July 11, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT:  Extra Formula
SUBJECT: Vendor Training open to LWP Vendor Coordinator (Attachment #2 & #3)
SUBJECT: New e-mail addresses for State WIC office staff and Public Health Departments
SUBJECT: August is Immunization Awareness Month

  1. Attached is a listing of extra supplies of formulas located in different LWPs.  If you are in need of any of the formula for a WIC participant in your L WP, please contact the person that is listed.
  2. The WIC Vendor Group would like to extend an invitation to the Local WIC Providers to attend the upcoming Annual WIC Vendor Training. Training sessions will be held at the district level across the state throughout the month of August, 2005. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend if you would like to learn more about the role of the Local WIC Provider, the responsibilities of the retail vendor, the approved food list (going into effect October 1, 2005) and other important inf ormation regarding WIC Vendors. A copy of the scheduled training dates, times and locations has been attached. Training date preferences will be made based upon a first com e basis so make your reservation early. Reservations need to be received by the state WIC office by 5 pm on July 18. To register, please email your name, your local WIC provider location, and your preferred training date, location and time to Bridgett.Henderson@health.mo.gov. Suggestion: You may want to choose more than one date, time and location just in case your first preference is not available.
  3. The e-mail addresses have changed for the state WIC office staff and also for the local public health agencies (LPHAs). The e-mail address for users of the LPHA email system was changed from 'user@lpha.health.state.mo.us' to 'user@lpha.dhss.mo.gov'. This change was mandatory. As of June 27, 2005, the DHSS  computer system no longer accepts any email addresses ending with "@lpha.health.state.mo.us". Any email addressed using the "@lpha.health.state .mo.us" suffix will be bounced back to the sender with an undeliverable message. The change has already been reflected in the Novell Address Book. If you have LPHA users listed in Frequent contacts, you will need to delete the old addresses from there. If you have LPHA addresses in personal groups, you might need to reselect them from the Novell Address Book with the new address.

    The State WIC office e-mail addresses for employees have also been changed.  The Office of Information Systems  (OIS) modified the GroupWise email system to use the firstname.lastname@health.mo.gov email format.

    Please begin using the new e-mail addresses to be assured that your e-mails are delivered.
    The goal of NIAM is to increase awareness about immunizations across the lifespan, from infants to the elderly. This year’s campaign is focused around the theme, “Are You Up To Date? Vaccinate!” to remind people of all ages of the importance of immunization. August is the perfect time to remind family, friends, co-workers, and those in the community to catch up on their vaccinations. Visit CDC’s website http://www.cdc.gov/nip/events/niam/default.htm or http://www.partnersforimmunization.org, for resources such as a free promotional kit with a variety of template ma terials you can customize for use in your community outreach efforts. During August and September, the DHSS immunization program will promote immunizations with a statewide radio campaign, targeting all Missourians, with emphasis on new parents with ch ildren under the age of two. Call 573-751-6439 for additional information.

Attachment 2 Registration Vendor Training.doc