Summary Charts of Required WIC Trainings:
New Employees Trainings Summary Chart
Annual Trainings Summary Chart
WIC Staff Training Record

  Face-to-Face Trainings

Registration for all trainings is required. A link to the registration form is provided on each training page.

WIC Paraprofessional & Professional Training
Using Loving Support to Grow and Glow in WIC
Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program
Breastfeeding Coordinator Training

  e-Learning Trainings

Minimum system requirements for eLearning is as follows:

  1. Internet Explorer 8 (web browser)
  2. Install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader Note: Deselect the Google Chrome default browser checkbox, if applicable.
  3. Install the full Version of Adobe Flash Player
  4. Speakers or headphones for audio

If you have any difficulties accessing the e-Learning Training Webinars, please send email to

expand Missouri WIC Information Network System (MOWINS) Training collapse Missouri WIC Information Network System (MOWINS) Training - The MOWINS training is in the process of being converted from face-to-face training to e-Learning. At this time, the face-to-face trainings are no more. The e-Learning trainings consist of seven (7) sessions. Currently, there are five (5) sessions ready for viewing. WIC Staff are working diligently to complete the remaining two (2) sessions. The link below will take you to the e-Learning page for MOWINS, where you can access the available sessions. Clicking on the session links will take you to a registration page for each session. Agencies will be notified via WIC Updates as the remaining sessions are available for viewing.

expand Applicant Processing Standards collapse Applicant Processing Standards - This training provides an overview of the time frames required to certify new participants from the date of request, as well as documentation needed for the initial certification appointment.

expand Income Assessment and Documentation collapse Income Assessment and Documentation - This training provides an overview of assessing income for participants to determine income eligibility; documentation for proof of income; adjunctive eligibility; and obtaining a zero income affidavit for individuals who are not adjunctively eligible and declare no income.

expand Orientation to WIC Module collapse Orientation to WIC Module - The purpose of this training provide background information about the Missouri WIC Program

expand Communicating With Participants Effectively Webinar collapse Communicating With Participants Effectively Webinar - The purpose of this training is to describe the various Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment principles that are essential skills for all staff to master.

expand HPA Self-Paced Module collapse HPA Self-Paced Module - The purpose of the Health Assessment Module is to introduce the new employee (herein after referred to as trainee) with policies and procedures of the WIC Program.

expand Breastfeeding Promotion Presentation collapse Breastfeeding Promotion Presentation

expand Civil Rights Training collapse Civil Rights Training - This training provides an overview of the civil rights regulations and laws, customer service issues related to discrimination.

expand WIC Immunization Training Webinar collapse WIC Immunization Training Webinar - The purpose of this training is to ensure all WIC staff understands their role in screening and providing referrals to WIC participants. Additional resources: 1.) Reference Sheet for Immunization Screening and Referral 2.) Immunization Training Certificate

expand Nutrition Training Manual (NTM) collapse Nutrition Training Manual (NTM) - The purpose of this manual is to provide overview on best practices in nutrition education and counseling for women, infant and children.

expand Counseling Guides collapse Counseling Guides - provides anticipatory guidance on anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary and breastfeeding. These guides are intended for use by the CPAs who provide nutrition education and counseling using the 3-Step Counseling method for women, infants and children. Note: This resource is optional.
     • Prenatal Counseling Guide
     • Postpartum Counseling Guide
     • Infant (Breastfeeding) Counseling Guide
     • Infant (Formula) Counseling Guide
     • Infant/Children Complementary Feeding Counseling Guide
     • Children Counseling Guide

expand Combined Nutrition Coordinator and WIC Coordinator Training collapse Combined Nutrition Coordinator and WIC Coordinator Training
OPTIONAL - This training covers the various functions of the Nutrition Coordinator and the WIC Coordinator responsibilities, including program planning, development, evaluation and administration, and coordination and implementation of all nutrition and breastfeeding services provided through the Local WIC Provider. Please use the Combined Nutrition Coordinator and WIC Coordinator Webinars Checklist to help you keep track of modules completed as needed.

Nutrition and WIC Coordinator Webinar modules
     • Introduction to Nutrition Coordinator (14 minutes)
     • Introduction to WIC Coordinator (7 minutes)
     • Nutrition Services Standards (10 minutes)
     • Nutrition Education (25 minutes)
     • WIC Food and Formula (15 minutes)
     • Staff Roles (19 minutes)
     • Local Agency Contract/Local Agency Plan (15 minutes)
     • Inventory Systems (8 minutes)
     • Marketing and Outreach (18 minutes)
     • Contract Monitoring (15 minutes)
     • Breastfeeding Promotion and Support (23 minutes)
     • Resources List for Nutrition and WIC Coordinators

expand Click here upon completion of all modules collapse Please e-mail Debby Hanlon at and Rose Sipakati at when you have completed all the modules. When at least 10 LWP Nutrition Coordinators/WIC Coordinators have completed all modules, a Customer Service presentation (the last module of the training) will be conducted through a conference call/Adobe Connect meeting. In addition, a Q&A session will be held during this call to discuss any questions you may have regarding these modules, or other areas related to your role as a Coordinator. The total time for the call will not exceed 2 hours. Upon completion of the conference call, certificates of completion will be issued.

expand National Voter Registration Act Training collapse National Voter Registration Act Training - The purpose of this training is to ensure compliance with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, the Missouri State law and WIC polices.

  Other Trainings (Optional):

Nutrition Training Institute
Program for Dietetic Interns
WIC Online Invoice Application Webinars
Fit WIC MO Objectives and Strategies for LAP

Nutrition Assessment & Extended Certification Training - The purpose of the training is to provide the counseling staff (CPA/Nutritionist) with information on revised follow-up questions and extended certification components for infants, children and breastfeeding women (> 6 months). The Follow-Up and MCA Nutrition Assessment questions will be available at