Breastfeeding Coordinator Training

The one-day session will provide attendees with updated program information and clarification regarding breastfeeding.  Agenda items include Identifying the Role of the Breastfeeding Coordinator, Loving Support Makes Breastfeeding Work, Communication Skills, and Talking with Mothers About Breastfeeding. Additional information will be given on breast pumps, including guidelines for loaning electric breast pumps and assembly, use and cleaning.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Who is required to Attend?
This training is mandatory for all new Breastfeeding Coordinators and any Breastfeeding Coordinators who did not attend the training last year.  Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Coordinators who attended the BFPC regional training "Loving Support Through Peer Counseling" do not need to attend this training.  Any other staff members who would like additional information on breastfeeding are welcome to attend.

930 Wildwood, Jefferson City, MO

State WIC office

Kathy Mertzlufft, State Breastfeeding Coordinator
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