Breastfeeding and Nutrition Education

Local WIC providers in Missouri sometimes partner with FNEP Educators (sometimes referred to as Nutrition Program  Assistants or NPAs) in the Family Nutrition Education Program from University of Missouri Extension to provide nutrition education for WIC participants.

Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) Guidance

Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) Lesson Plans for Local Agency WIC Nutritionist

Get Moving
Plan, Shop, $ave
Vary Your Veggies…Focus on Fruit
Make Half Your Grains Whole
Build Strong Bones
Go Lean With Protein
Make a Change
Celebrate! Eat Smart and Be Active
Family Time - Active and Fun

Eating Smart and Being Active During Pregnancy
Eating Smart and Being Active: Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods

Family Meals - Easy, Tasty, and Healthy! (Loving Your Family Feeding Their Future)
How Much?  Food and Physical Activity (Loving Your Family Feeding Their Future)
Vegetables and Fruits - Simple Solutions (Loving Your Family Feeding Their Future)

Show Me Nutrition Education displays and handouts may be used in local WIC agencies that do not provide FNEP group classes.  Displays are unmanned.  Displays may not be counted as a WIC nutrition education contact. The mini posters and handouts reinforce WIC nutrition messages.

Family Nutrition Education Program (FNP) mini posters

Posters may not be copied.  The posters are available only from FNEP educators.

Consumer Smarts
Drink To Your Health
Eating on a Budget
Family Meals
Family Time Active and Fun
Fill the Gaps with Healthy Snacks
Food Safety
Get the Facts on Fat
MyActivity Pyramid for Adults
MyPyramid: Meat and Beans
The Supersizing of America
What’s In A Label?
Whole Grains

Family Nutrition Education Program Handouts
Handouts may be copied.

Balancing Fats
Breakfast (Spanish)
Fight Bac!
Fight Bac! (Spanish)
Food Thermometers
Food Thermometers (Spanish)
Fruit Group
Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables (Spanish)
Grain Group
Make the Most of Your Food Dollars
Milk Group
Milk: Health Benefits and Nutrients
Milk: Tips for Making Wise Choices
MyActivity Pyramid - Adults
MyActivity Pyramid - Adults (Spanish)
MyActivity Pyramid for Adults (Spanish)
MyActivity Pyramid for Kids
Portions to Fit Your Health
Portions to Fit Your Health (Spanish)
Read the Label to Eat Better
Read the Label to Eat Better (Spanish)
Shopping Smart
Stocking a Healthy Kitchen
Storing Foods at Home
Storing Foods at Home (Spanish)
The Supersizing of America
The Supersizing of America (Spanish)
Think Your Drink
Tips to Help You Make Wise Choices from the Meat and Beans Group
Vegetable Group
Whole Grains