Fit WIC Missouri

FY2006 Pilot Program

Four Missouri Local WIC Providers piloted Fit WIC Missouri from March-June 2006.  Pilot agencies included Holt, Macon, and Madison Counties, with Washington County piloting as the control agency.

Highlights from Fit WIC Missouri Pilots:
Madison County- Developed a highway billboard promoting participation in physical activity, a key component of the Fit WIC Missouri program.
Macon County- Offered a “Treasure Box” filled with water bottles, jump ropes, & toddler push toys to encourage nutritious food choices, another key component of the Fit WIC Missouri program.
Holt County- Agency staff purchased water bottles to participate in the water challenge, role modeling healthy behaviors.
Washington County- Worked with participants in reducing the amount of time spent watching TV.

Summary of the Fit WIC MO Pilot Study