MOWINS Training Sessions

The MOWINS training has been converted to eLearning.  The eLearning trainings consist of seven (7) required Sessions.  Currently, there are five (5) Sessions ready for viewing.  MOWINS Training Sessions 1 - 4 were developed for Release 2.16 and Session 5 was developed for Release 2.18.  WIC Staff are working diligently to complete the remaining two (2) Sessions. Agencies will be notified via WIC Updates as the remaining sessions are available for viewing.

Session/Module Checklist (EXCEL: 2 pages)

This checklist can be used to track which modules you have completed. It is an Excel file, which should be saved to your computer before opening. Click the Save button on the File Download message and select where the file should be saved. Once the file is saved (it will automatically save as an Excel file), you can use the file in Excel.

Clicking on the links below will take you to a specific page that lists each module your are required to complete for that particular session. Upon completion of all modules in a session, you will need to complete an evaluation, confirmation of completion form, and will have the opportunity to print a certificate of completion for your records.

Required for all new trainees or use as a “refresher”

Required annually by ALL staff

Training Essentials - Basic overview of what to expect from the MOWINS eLearning Trainings

Session I – Intro to MOWINS

Session 2 – Participant Search/List

Session 3 – Participant Folder

Session 4 – Certification Guided Script (CGS) – Part 1

Session 5 – Certification Guided Script (CGS) – Part 2

Session 6 – Certification Guided Script (CGS) – Part 3
(Check back soon)

Session 7 – Benefits Issuance
(Check back soon)

MOWINS Security Training