Medical Documentation

Medical documentation is federally required to ensure that WIC participants have a medical condition that requires the use of an exempt infant formula or medical food.Federally mandated changes to the WIC program starting October 1, 2009 necessitates health care providers to provide additional prescriptive information for participants receiving certain formulas, medical foods or milk substitutes.

What’s new with WIC medical documentation?

  • After October 1, 2009 only the Medical Documentation Health Care Provider Authorization Form (WIC-27 form) will be accepted for issuing medical formulas or milk substitutes. This form is used by health care providers to request special formula for WIC participants.
  • Physician scripts will no longer be accepted for medical documentation after October 1, 2009.
  • Physicians have to authorize the issuance of supplemental foods for any participant receiving a medical formula.
  • Medical documentation is required for children who need soy or tofu as a milk substitute.
  • Maximum approval length for medical formulas has increased to 6 months.

Please work with your Local WIC Provider if you have specific questions about completing a WIC-27 form.

When is medical documentation required?
Medical documentation is required in the following situations:

  • Any participant receiving a medical formula (exempt infant formula or medical food)
  • Any child receiving an infant formula
  • Children receiving soy beverage or tofu as a milk substitute
  • Cheese requests greater than 1 pound for children, prenatal, partially and non-breastfeeding women or more than 2 pounds for breastfeeding women
  • Prenatal and partially and non-breastfeeding women requesting more than 4 pounds of tofu or breastfeeding women requesting more than 6 pounds of tofu

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