From 8 to 12 Months - Safety

Pregnancy and Beyond

Babies around 9 months of age are extremely curious. Your baby is probably crawling everywhere. He likes to grab objects and put them into his mouth. He also pulls himself up and everything else down.

It may be inconvenient to rearrange your household for the safety of your baby, but it can prevent injuries. Even after you childproof your home, always watch your child closely.

Here are a few important safety rules to follow:



All household cleaners, polishes poisons, and all medicines, should be kept in locked cabinets. Drawers with perfume, cosmetics, scissors, etc. should be locked. Use commercially available cabinet child guards. Keep the poison control number by the phone: (1-800-366-8888).

Hazardous Objects



Securely fasten baby safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs and across open doorways to prevent baby from falling or entering unsafe areas. For added protection, gates should also be placed at the bottom of stairs. A door at the bottom of the stairs should be kept closed. Choose a gate with a straight top edge and rigid mesh screen. Remember, even though a sturdy gate may be purchased and installed, close supervision is still necessary.


Never use a playpen that has holes in the mesh sides.