OWTS Professional Registrations Expiring

Registered/Licensed Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Professionals are required to complete continuing education and renew their registration before the end of a three-year registration period.  The list below includes professionals whose registration/license has recently expired.  Note that the list will be updated regularly.  However, for a short time the list might include a professional’s name even after the individual renewed their registration during the brief grace period allowed. You may request that an OWTS professional show identification and/or proof of registration or contact the Onsite Sewage Program to confirm current registration status.

Explanation of registration notations used in table below:
INSTALL – OWTS Installers, Basic or Advanced
OSE – Onsite Soil Evaluators
PT – Percolation Tester
INSPECT – Existing OWTS System Inspectors (related to property sales)

Click on the above links to access lists of registered/licensed persons


Registration Date of Expiration Last Name First Name MI Home County
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Anderson Stephen R Morgan
PT 5/31/2017 Arnold Richard E Cass
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Arnold Richard E Cass
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Atkins Lee D Marion
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Bennett William Lynn Greene
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Biggs Daniel D Boone
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Boughton Brian M Boone
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Brown David R Gentry
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Bylo Tom J St Charles
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Cain John M Jefferson
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Carnes John E Lawrence
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Carter Jesse Alan St Charles
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Chalgren Eric G Macon
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Chandler Lawrence T Camden
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Clough Eugene R Howell
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Cramblett Scott L Stone
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Cross Rickey D State
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Davis Virgil R Lawrence
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Duncan, Jr David G Jackson
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Ekiss Bob
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Ethridge Wayne E Polk
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Forck Joseph J Cole
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Friend Philip J Callaway
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Gillespie Alan Scott Gentry
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Gipson Shanon James Boone
OSE 5/31/2017 Haile Tony D Moniteau
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Harting Steven E St Louis
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Hartley II Gary
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Heimos Robert J Jefferson
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Herigon Ryan E Boone
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Hicks Raymond E Crawford
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Holleman Cole L Cole
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Hornbuckle Zack C Callaway
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Hurlbut Darrell
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Johnson Matt
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Kastner William J St Louis
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Kiser David
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Klughart Chris Lee Ste Genevieve
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Korman Paul W Montgomery
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Kuhlo Jr Matthew S Montgomery
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Lewis Matthew A Miller
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Limback, Jr Larry J Johnson
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Marble Gerald W Newton
INSTALL 4/30/2017 McCloskey Larry E St Louis
INSTALL 5/31/2017 McKenzie Calvin James Camden
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Mellen Brian K Benton
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Mertensmeyer Roger
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Montez Ben
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Moore Carl G Mississippi
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Mott James R Cedar
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Newman Jason A Gentry
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Ogle Roy G Jasper
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Owens Jacob S Shelby
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Padgett Thomas D Clay
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Poole Gaylon W Washington
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Price Patricia F Polk
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Pruente Matt D Lawrence
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Pumel Glen Dwight Cooper
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Rawson Marilyn Y St Francois
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Robertson Kevin W Clay
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Rogers Timothy A Greene
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Scharpf Danny G Howell
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Schwerdt Justin
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Shewmake Stephen M Clay
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Shouse Willaim J Linn
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Sinak Joseph D Jefferson
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Slagle Robert L Clay
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Soltysiak Steven C St Charles
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Starkey Roy E Madison
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Stevenson Bartley M Boone
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Strickland Charles D Dallas
PT 6/30/2017 Strothkamp James J Gasconade
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Sydnor Edwin L Cole
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Thornton Bruce A Jefferson
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Walka Roger
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Walker Tommie Douglas Gentry
INSTALL 4/30/2017 Walters Joshua M Gentry
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Watson Michael C Gasconade
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Werle Kenneth Tyler Ray
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Willis James
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Witthaus David W Cole
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Woehrer Colin F Cole
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Wolf James (Jim) E Jefferson
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Wright Michael K Wayne
INSTALL 6/30/2017 Yamat Ken A Ray
INSTALL 5/31/2017 Yowell Rodney A Washington
Contact us if you have questions about this list, or to update or correct an address.