This list includes Licensed Onsite System Inspectors/Evaluators who are authorized to inspect or evaluate onsite wastewater treatments systems (OWTS) for real estate transactions. Individuals are not licensed to perform regulatory functions, such as inspecting installation or repairs when an onsite system construction permit or a building permit is needed.

There may be additional requirements to work in some counties. Contact the county onsite sewage authority to confirm that an individual is authorized to inspect/evaluate onsite systems for real estate transactions in that county.

A Licensed Evaluator (EVAL) can only perform evaluations. A Licensed Inspector (INSP) can perform both inspections and evaluations. More information is available about inspections and evaluations.

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Licensed Inspectors/Evaluators List

Last Name First Name MI Date of Expiration Business Address City State Zip Code Business Phone Counties Served
Benedict John
7/31/2020 Inspection Doctor 2549 Highway 52 Tuscumbia MO 64082 (573) 723-0017 Miller Moniteau Cole Morgan Camden
Boessen John C 6/30/2020 Advanced Septic and Pumping 2207 B Idlewood Rd Jefferson City MO 65109 (573) 636-2727 Callaway Boone Osage Moniteau
Braun James E 9/30/2019 Braun Inspection Consultants 1409 A E. McCarty Jefferson City MO 65101 (573) 761-3581 Cole, Osage, Moniteau, Callaway, Boone
Chilton Shawn M 6/30/2018 All Clear Pumping & Sewer 1911 St Louis Rd Jefferson City MO 65101 (573) 634-0165 Cole, Callaway, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan, Lincoln, Randolph
Corn John A 4/30/2019 All Over the House 100 S Glenwood Columbia MO 65203 (573) 449-1145 Boone, Callaway, Randolph, Howard, Cooper, Audrain, Moniteau, Cole
Craig Jonathan
11/30/2020 Central MO AllService Plumbing 187 Wood River Rd Lake Ozark MO 65049 (573) 964-5331 Camden Miller Morgan Moniteau
Foster George J (Jeff) 3/31/2018 Lake Ozark REI 2545 Bagnall Dam Blvd., Suite 304A Lake Ozark MO 65049 (573) 693-9328 Camden, Morgan, Moniteau, Laclede, Miller, Dallas, Pettis
Green Jeffrey L 6/30/2019 Accurate Inspections LLC 807 Country Meadows California MO 65018 (573) 291-6183 Cole, Miller, Boone, Pettis, Moniteau
Ives Richard A 3/31/2020 Central Mo. Inspection Service, LLC 9645 County Road 367 New Bloomfield MO 65063 (573) 491-0136 Callaway, Cole, Audrain, Boone, Moniteau, Osage
Needy Wendy Beth 6/30/2019
29300 HWY 127 Greenridge MO 65335 (573) 280-3947 Morgan, Benton, Moniteau, Henry
Shepherd David J 6/30/2019 David J Shepherd 68 Greystone Rd Eldon MO 65026 (573) 280-4740 Camden, Cole, Boone, Miller, Moniteau
Smith Robert L 5/31/2019 Property Investigations 4937 Co Rd 480 Tebbetts MO 65080 (573) 291-6065 Boone Callaway Cole Osage Moniteau Audrain
Strobel Mark A 6/30/2018 Paramount Home Inspections 2810 S Ten Mile Dr Jefferson City MO 65109 (573) 821-3720 cole Callaway Osage Miller Moniteau Boone
Sutherland Bryan L 3/31/2019 World Master Spec PO Box 1906 Lake Ozark MO 65049 (573) 365-0414 Miller, Morgan, Moniteau, Pulaski, Cole, Camden, Benton
Trevino Mario X 3/31/2020 Peace of Mind Home Inspections 2017 County Road 372 New Bloomfield MO 65063 (573) 491-8702 Callaway, Cole, Boone, Audrain, Howard, Cooper, Moniteau, Miller, Morgan
Turpin Jessica M 4/30/2019 Jessica M Turpin 41168 High Point Rd. Russellville MO 65074 (573) 286-0682 Moniteau, Miller, Morgan, Cole, Camden
Woody Tim
9/30/2019 Central MO All Service Plumbing LLC 14 Lakeland Rd. Lake Ozark MO 65049 (573) 964-5331 Camden, Miller, Morgan, Moniteau


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