Registered Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Installers List

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This list includes Registered Installers who have indicated they work in this county. The list also shows some other counties served. For more registered installers, you can return to the map and check for installers that work in other nearby counties.

Any installer on this list can install basic OWTS. Advanced OWTS installers are noted with ADV and can install advanced OWTS. The requirements for advanced OWTS installers are effective July 1, 2005. There may be additional requirements to work in some counties. Contact the county onsite sewage authority to confirm that an individual can install systems in the county.

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Missouri Registered OWTS Installers List
Advanced Status Last Name First Name MI Date of Expiration Business Address City State Zip Code Business Phone Counties Served

Brown Daniel R 3/31/2020 Brown's Septic LLC Rt 1 Box 47DD Mountain Grove MO 65711 (417) 948-0999 Douglas, Wright, Howell, Texas
ADV. Collins David W 11/30/2019 DC Plumbing & Backhoe 608 Belshe Ave. Willow Springs MO 65793 (417) 469-5018 Texas, Wright, Shannon, Howell
ADV. Cook David W 1/31/2020 David W Cook 11505 Felton Rd Plato MO 65552 (417) 664-4723 Texas, Laclede, Pulaski, Wright

Dennis Tristan S 8/31/2020 Dennis Backhoe PO Box 771 Mansfield MO 65704 (417) 830-6195 Wright Webster Texas Douglas

Gillett Matt
10/31/2018 Matt Gillett Backhoe and Hauling 14827 Berry Road Cabool MO 65689 (417) 254-0701 Howell, Wright, Douglas, Shannon
ADV. Harker Seth K 8/31/2019 Harker's Plumbing 3401 County Line Rd. Mtn. Grove MO 65711 (417) 926-0313 Wright Texas Douglas Howell Greene Webster

Hines Leslie R 1/31/2018 Leslie R Hines 15378 Hwy U Cabool MO 65689 (417) 547-2251 Texas, Wright, Douglas, Howell, Webster

Holland James W 6/30/2018 Holland Excavating Inc 8044 Hwy ZZ Bucyrus MO 65444 (417) 967-2666 Shannon, Howell, Phelps, Wright, Texas

Johnson David L 5/31/2020 David Johnson Construction 20447 Lawrence 2170 Aurora MO 65605 (417) 224-0868 Lawrence, Christian, Greene, Jasper, Stone, Dade, Wright, Polk, Cedar
ADV. Kaisler Ty
10/31/2017 Kaisler General Building 51 Cherokee Springs Dr Marshfield MO 65706 (417) 531-2513 Webster, Green, Laclede, Wright, Dallas

Kimbrough Logan J 8/31/2019 Logan Kimbrough Excavating 9506 CR 1420 Peace Valley MO 65788 (417) 372-3106 Howell, Oregon, Shannon, Wright, Douglas

Leonard Brad A 11/30/2018 A+ Septic Solutions 3532 Matney Hollow Rd Seymour MO 65746 (417) 935-4459 Greene Webster Wright Dallas Douglas
ADV. Light Shawn M 1/31/2020 Light Excavating 23448 Franklin Rd. Lebanon MO 65536 (417) 588-4771 Laclede, Wright, Dallas, Pulaski
ADV. Lowe Merlin C 4/30/2019 Chan Lowe Excavating 8288 Hunter Creek Rd. Niangua MO 65713 (417) 532-3231 Laclede, Dallas, Webster, Wright

Martin Zachary D 9/30/2019 Martin and Sons Septic 905 N. Darrell St. Mountain Grove MO 65711 (417) 459-7687 Wright, Greene, Douglas, Webster, Christian
ADV. McGowen Kevin D 4/30/2018 Kevin D. McGowen PO Box 37 Houston MO 65483 (417) 254-4067 Texas Phelps Wright Shannon Dent

Miller Andy L 1/31/2019 Andy's Plumbing PO Box 237 Seymour MO 65746 (417) 839-9487 Wright, Greene
ADV. Moore Theodore E 4/30/2020 MOORES BACKHOE SERVICE 1357 Bluestem Rd Marshfield MO 65706 (417) 859-5498 Webster, Greene, Laclede, Polk, Hickory, Dallas, Stone, Christian, Barry, Texas, Wright, Lawrence

Owens Ronald G 3/31/2019 Absolute Home Services 33544 Normal Dr. Eldridge MO 65463 (417) 426-5155 Laclede, Wright, Webster, Camden, Pulaski

Pridemore Dan
3/31/2020 Pridemore Excavating Service 9645 Gumbo Rd Mountain Grove MO 65711 (417) 926-4211 Wright, Douglas, Webster, Christian, Texas
ADV. Reese Marlin (Keith) K 10/31/2019 Reese Pump Service RR 1 Box 790 Vanzant MO 65768 (417) 547-2311 Douglas, Howell, Texas, Wright

Smith Darin W 5/31/2019 Smith Excavation 97 Pinewood Dr Gainesville MO 65655 (417) 679-2994 Ozark Howell Douglas Wright Taney

Smith David L 5/31/2018 Smithslocks & Home Inspections 11775 Ottawa Dr Conway MO 65632 (417) 533-1399 Laclede Pulaski Webster Wright Maries

Truog Aaron J 11/30/2017 Aaron's Septic Pumping 4248 Co Rd 7480 West Plains MO 65775 (417) 372-3998 Howell, Oregon, Douglas, Ozark, Shannon, Texas, Wright

Williams Brian E 11/30/2018 Williams Excavation PO Box 587 Seymour MO 65746 (417) 245-0147 Webster, Douglas, Greene, Wright, Christian
ADV. Wiseman Ralph G 11/30/2019 Wisemanservices, Inc. dba Bell Plumbing PO Box 1103 Lebanon MO 65536 (417) 533-5328 Laclede, Pulaski, Wright, Camden, Phelps, Dallas, Texas, Dent

Worden Kenneth Wayne 3/31/2019 Wayne's No. 1 & No. 2 Septic Tank Cleaning Service 3225 State Hwy V Seymour MO 65746 (417) 935-2230 Webster, Wright, Douglas, Ozark

Yates John "Marshall" M 2/28/2020 All Wright Excavating 3977 Malone Rd. Norwood MO 65717 (417) 741-6293 Wright, Laclede, Webster, Douglas, Texas

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