This list includes Registered Installers who have indicated they work in this county. The list also shows some other counties served. For more registered installers, you can return to the map and check for installers that work in other nearby counties.

Any installer on this list can install basic OWTS. Advanced OWTS installers are noted with ADV and can install advanced OWTS. The requirements for advanced OWTS installers are effective July 1, 2005. There may be additional requirements to work in some counties. Contact the county onsite sewage authority to confirm that an individual can install systems in the county.

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Missouri Registered OWTS Installers List

Advanced Status Last Name First Name MI Date of Expiration Business Address City State Zip Code Business Phone Counties Served
ADV. Aurand Michael D 10/31/2019 Adrian Plumbing PO Box 236, 7 West 3rd Street Adrian MO 64720 (816) 297-2442 St. Clair, Cass, Vernon, Henry, Bates

Butterfield Erick S 8/31/2019 Butter's Stump Grinding & Trenching, LLC 122 W. Pine Eldorado Springs MO 64744 (417) 876-7391 Cedar, St. Clair, Vernon
ADV. Chism Andrew
4/30/2020 The Other Plumber LLC 10662 S 1471 Rd Stockton MO 65785 (417) 276-3237 Greene Polk Dade St. Clair Cedar Vernon

Clark Michael A 12/31/2019 MA Clark Construction LLC R 2 Box 238 Adrian MO 64720 (816) 805-0419 Cass, Johnson, Jackson, Bates, Vernon
ADV. Clements Loyd
9/30/2019 Clements Plumbing & Heating 400 W 12th St Lamar MO 64759 (417) 682-3797 Dade, Vernon, Barton, Jasper
ADV. Crabtree Don E 8/31/2018 Precision Backhoe Service, Nevada Plumbing 1012 South Adams Neveda MO 64772 (417) 448-9712 Cedar Bates Vernon Barton
ADV. Edwards, Jr Steven P 1/31/2020 E 2 Dirt Service 10454 Co Rd 137 Carthage MO 64836 (417) 825-6268 Dade Cedar Vernon Barton Jasper
ADV. Enos Andrew D 7/31/2019 Adrain Plumbing PO Box 236 Adrain MO 64720 (816) 297-2442 Bates, Cass, Henry, Vernon, St Clair
ADV. Erwin Zach G 4/30/2018 Zach Erwin Construction Inc 306 Hillcrest Dr. Nevada MO 64772 (417) 667-5122 Vernon, Barton, Bates, Cedar

Ewing David
7/31/2020 Ewing Backhoe 15865 S 1700 Rd Nevada MO 64772 (417) 667-6957 Bates, Vernon, Barton

Fennewald Gary L 1/31/2020 Fennewald Plumbing 115 E 4th Street Appleton City MO 64724 (660) 476-5627 Bates, Henry, Vernon, Cedar, St. Clair
ADV. Kimbrough David D 2/28/2018 Kimbrough's Trenching, Backhoe & Dozer Service 9185 NW State Route AA Drexel MO 64742 (816) 619-2243 Bates, Cass, Henry, Vernon
ADV. Lathrop Gene
8/31/2020 Lathrop Excavating 244 North Hwy. HH Lamar MO 64759 (417) 682-3926 Vernon, Cedar, Dade, Jasper, Barton
ADV. Leman Brian N 4/30/2018 Leman Plumbing LLC 780 SW 60th Ln. Jasper MO 64755 (417) 394-2522 Barton Jasper Dade Vernon
ADV. Marti Kent E 7/31/2019 Butch's Backhoe Service 14604 Tamarack Rd Jasper MO 64755 (417) 394-3175 Jasper, Barton, Dade, Vernon
ADV. McCord Reid Thomas 4/30/2018 McCord Backhoe and Trucking, LLC 14916 East Quarter Master Rd Nevada MO 64772 (417) 667-1740 Vernon, Cedar, Barton, Bates
ADV. Owens Daniel L 2/28/2020 Environmental Resolutions PO Box 631 Raymore MO 64083 (816) 331-1993 Cass, Clay, Platte, Jackson, Johnson, Vernon, Henry, Ray, Clinton, Benton, Pettis
ADV. Parks Drew A 10/31/2019 Parks Builders LLC 16525 NW Co Rd 14781 Drexel MO 64742 (816) 365-9756 Bates, Cass, Henry, Vernon, Johnson
ADV. Parrack Tyler L 2/28/2018 Buildet, LLC 1100 E. Highland Nevada MO 64772 (417) 549-6479 Vernon Barton Bates Cedar

Richner Jordan M 4/30/2018 Richner Land and Soil Services 7608 S 725 Rd El Dorado Springs MO 64744 (417) 399-1195 Polk, Dade, Vernon, Hickory, Cedar
ADV. Taylor Tom W 9/30/2019 Taylor Engineering Co. 913 N Main Nevada MO 64772 (417) 667-2149 Vernon, Bates, Barton, Cedar
ADV. Wallace Jim A 4/30/2018 Jim A Wallace PO Box 75 Nevada MO 64772 (417) 667-1007 Vernon, Cedar, Barton

Wedel Tim Louis 4/30/2019 Wedel Excavating & Logging 30422 E Hwy EE Harwood MO 64750 (417) 296-5908 Vernon, Cedar, St. Clair, Bates
ADV. Zillig Dennis S 2/28/2019 Approved Septic Systems 11 Blackjack Ln Pineville MO 64856 (417) 214-5187 McDonald Newton Jasper Barry Lawrence Stone Christian Dade Greene Polk Vernon


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