Registered Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Installers List

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This list includes Registered Installers who have indicated they work in this county. The list also shows some other counties served. For more registered installers, you can return to the map and check for installers that work in other nearby counties.

Any installer on this list can install basic OWTS. Advanced OWTS installers are noted with ADV and can install advanced OWTS. The requirements for advanced OWTS installers are effective July 1, 2005. There may be additional requirements to work in some counties. Contact the county onsite sewage authority to confirm that an individual can install systems in the county.

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Missouri Registered OWTS Installers List
Advanced Status Last Name First Name MI Date of Expiration Business Address City State Zip Code Business Phone Counties Served

Altis David
5/31/2019 Taneycomo Terrace, lnc. PO Box 1078 Forsyth MO 65653 (417) 546-6435 Taney, Ozark, Christian, Stone, Douglas
ADV. Blackburn Jim J 9/30/2019 B & B Riley Septic Service P.O. Box 1357 West Plains MO 65775 (417) 256-5062 Howell, Ozark,Texas, Douglas

Brotherton Chase
5/31/2018 GoFor Digging 5304 Co Rd 1370 Pomona MO 65789 (417) 257-5464 Shannon Oregon Ozark, Douglas
ADV. Chilcott Robert Brian 12/31/2017 Technical Porperty Services LLC PO Box 1008 West Plains MO 65775 (417) 372-3184 Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Texas
ADV. Dalton Bandy C 5/31/2020 Dalton Excavating 1087 Fuller Road Bradleyville MO 65614 (417) 546-7940 Ozark, Douglas, Christian, Stone, Taney
ADV. Dennis Randall L 5/31/2019 Digin It 9209 CR 6470 West Plains MO 65775 (417) 257-0504 Ozark, Douglas, Oregon, Howell
ADV. Downen Michael Eugene 4/30/2019 B&B Riley Septic Services 1814 Porter Wagoner West Plains MO 65775 (417) 256-5062 Howell, Ozark, Oregon, Shannon
ADV. Hart Steve J 10/31/2019 Steve Hart Excavating 1244 State Highway P Theodosia MO 65761 (417) 273-2186 Ozark, Taney
ADV. Helms Garah F 6/30/2019 Ozarks Environmental Services 11 Oak Drive Kimberling City MO 65686 (417) 294-0590 Taney, Stone, Christian, Ozark
ADV. Hogan Mike
6/30/2019 Hogan Farms 558 Wild Rose Dr Thornfield MO 65762 (417) 679-4749 Ozark, Douglas, Taney, Howell
ADV. Jones Kelly G 3/31/2020 Jones Backhoe & Loader LLC 14849 State Hwy 125 S Garrison MO 65657 (417) 839-6780 Greene, Taney, Christian, Greene, Webser, Ozark, Stone

Jones Alison L 1/31/2020 Earthworks of the Ozark PO Box 463 Brandsville MO 65688 (417) 293-7037 Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Texas

Lawson Alan K 1/31/2018 Alan Lawson Backhoe Service 925 Middleton Rd Taneyville MO 65759 (417) 546-0700 Taney, Christian, Stone, Douglas, Ozark
ADV. Muilenburg Rob E 12/31/2019 Rob Muilenburg Excavating 104 Gann Rd. Sparta MO 65753 (417) 860-5086 Webster, Christian, Douglas, Stone, Texas, Lawrence, Greene, Polk, Ozark, Taney, Webster, Barry
ADV. Proffitt Jeff D 11/30/2019 Jeff Proffit Excavating 9613 County Road 7330 Pottersville MO 65790 (417) 257-4559 Howell, Ozark, Oregon, Texas

Simpson Dennis E 1/31/2020 Dennis Simpson Backhoe Service 8347 Co Rd 4730 West Plains MO 65775 (417) 256-0673 Howell, Ozark, Oregon, Texas

Smith Bobby J 6/30/2019 Smith Excavating Service 3351 St. Rt. 14` West Plains MO 65775 (417) 257-0778 Howell, Oregon, Dougla, Ozark

Smith Darin W 5/31/2019 Smith Excavation 97 Pinewood Dr Gainesville MO 65655 (417) 679-2994 Ozark Howell Douglas Wright Taney
ADV. Summers Robert A 2/28/2019 Master Plumber 21863 Old HWY 160 Reed Springs MO 65737 (417) 379-3661 Taney, Stone, Greene, Christian, Ozark
ADV. Taber Kendell W 6/30/2019 Ken's Backhoe Service 2079 Stehle Rd Theodosia MO 65761 (417) 785-4477 Taney, Ozark, Douglas, Christian
ADV. Trotter Tom B 11/30/2017 Trotter Backhoe Service 37930 US Hwy 160 Protem MO 65733 (417) 546-8677 Ozark, Stone, Christian, Douglas, Taney

Truog Aaron J 11/30/2017 Aaron's Septic Pumping 4248 Co Rd 7480 West Plains MO 65775 (417) 372-3998 Howell, Oregon, Douglas, Ozark, Shannon, Texas, Wright

Worden Kenneth Wayne 3/31/2019 Wayne's No. 1 & No. 2 Septic Tank Cleaning Service 3225 State Hwy V Seymour MO 65746 (417) 935-2230 Webster, Wright, Douglas, Ozark

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