Registered Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Installers List

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This list includes Registered Installers who have indicated they work in this county. The list also shows some other counties served. For more registered installers, you can return to the map and check for installers that work in other nearby counties.

Any installer on this list can install basic OWTS. Advanced OWTS installers are noted with ADV and can install advanced OWTS. The requirements for advanced OWTS installers are effective July 1, 2005. There may be additional requirements to work in some counties. Contact the county onsite sewage authority to confirm that an individual can install systems in the county.

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Missouri Registered OWTS Installers List
Advanced Status Last Name First Name MI Date of Expiration Business Address City State Zip Code Business Phone Counties Served

Barks Ronnie Lee 9/30/2019 Barks & Sons Excavation HC 2 Box 2105 Silva MO 63964 (573) 429-1023 Butler, Madison, Iron, Reynolds, Wayne
ADV. Barry Anthony (Tony)
2/28/2020 A & B Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 10 Federal Park Ave Park Hills MO 63601 (573) 431-7556 Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Madison, Franklin, St. Francois, St. Louis, Iron
ADV. Becker James S 3/31/2019 Becker Land & Home Inc. 1234 Brio Ln Farmington MO 63640 (573) 701-1831 St. Francois, Iron, Ste Genevieve
ADV. Benoist Jr Ronnie J 10/31/2019 Hall & Co 1518 Main St Leadwood MO 63653 (573) 562-7685 St. Francois, Iron, Washington, Madison

Bess Gordon L 8/31/2020 Gordon Bess Construction Inc 3056 Bess Rd Bonne Terre MO 63628 (573) 358-5495 St. Francois Ste. Genevieve Washington Iron
ADV. Blanford Doug
7/31/2020 Blanford Excavating 10197 Overland Rd Potosi MO 63664 (573) 915-3384 Washington, Crawford, Jefferson, Iron

Bond William H 3/31/2020 William H. Bond Engineering 7619 State Route C Ste. Genevieve MO 63670 (573) 483-2175 St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Madison, Iron
ADV. Burr Kyle R 4/30/2019 William Miller Construction LLC P.O. Box 986 Farmington MO 63640 (573) 631-9726 St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Iron, Madison, Jefferson

Collins Daniel C 2/28/2019 Collins Contracting & Excavating 13320 Aulsbury Chapel Rd Bonne Terre MO 63628 (573) 358-3787 St. Francois Madison Perry Iron
ADV. Crocker Jeff D 5/31/2018 Crocker Contracting Inc 93 Hwy N Lesterville MO 63654 (573) 637-2296 Reynolds, Iron, St Francois, Madison

Freise Robert L 1/31/2020 Area-Wide Excavation 10308 Pheasant Farm Rd. Irondale MO 63648 (573) 749-2102 Washingotn, Crawford, Iron, Fraklin, Ste. Genevieve
ADV. Hall Richard N 8/31/2020 Hall & Co 1518 Main St. Leadwood MO 63653 (573) 562-7685 St. Francois, Iron, Madison, Washington

Helvey Michael A 8/31/2020 Big River Home Inspections LLC 17 Airline Drive Farmington MO 63640 (636) 226-6829 Jefferson Washington St Francois Perry Madison Iron Ste Genevieve Reynolds
ADV. Henson Justin B 11/30/2017 Piedmont Plumbing, LLC PO Box 164 Des Arc MO 63636 (573) 714-1034 Iron Wayne Reynolds Madison Butler
ADV. Hunt Allen A 10/31/2019 William/Douglas Inc PO Box 406 Farmington MO 63640 (573) 760-1744 St. Francois, Ste Genevieve, Madison, Iron
ADV. Inman Michael C 5/31/2018 In Service 200 S. Henry Farmington MO 63640 (573) 747-1679 St. Francois, Washington, Madison, Iron, Ste Genevieve

Jarvis Jason A 9/30/2017 Jarvis Plumbing 12301 South State Hwy 21 Potosi MO 63664 (573) 438-2995 Washington, St. Francois, Crawford, Iron, Jefferson

Mendenhall Carl David 11/30/2017 Vector plumbing 504 N. Main Salem MO 65560 (573) 729-3143 Dent, Reynolds, Phelps, Texas, Iron, Shannon
ADV. Meredith Benjamin C 4/30/2018 Meredith Contracting LLC 487 Black River St Lesterville MO 63654 (573) 576-7924 Reynolds, Iron, Dent, Carter
ADV. Miller William R 4/30/2019 William Miller Construction LLC PO Box 986 Farmington MO 63640 (573) 631-9726 Iron Madison Jefferson Ste. Genevieve St. Francois
ADV. Mounce James Brent 6/30/2018 Quad County Hardware & Plumbing PO Box 336 Viburnum MO 65566 (573) 244-5202 Crawford, Washington, Reynolds, Dent, Iron
ADV. Norvell Donald A 9/30/2019 Norvell Services LLC 1278 Madison 201 Fredericktown MO 63645 (573) 783-7000 Madison, St. Francois, Perry, Bollinger, Iron, Madison
ADV. Orrick John
5/31/2020 Orrick Excavating & Construction 17343 Hwy N Middlebrook MO 63656 (573) 546-3818 Iron, Washington, St. Francois, Madison
ADV. Pinson Brian M 6/30/2018 Poole's Septic Systems PO Box 239, 11048 Kylie Dr. Bonne Terre MO 63628 (573) 358-7905 St. Francois, Washington, Ste Genevieve, Iron

Rea, III Jerry L 1/31/2019 JV Contracting Inc 10011 West Briar Cadet MO 63630 (573) 330-4563 Washington, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Iron, Jefferson
ADV. Schrum Scott J 1/31/2020 Scott J Schrum 262 Meadowbrook Dr. Farmington MO 63640 (573) 880-2111 Washington, St.Francois, Iron, Madison, Jefferson
ADV. Schutte Kevin W 6/30/2018 Poole's Septic Systems PO Box 239 Bonne Terre MO 63628 (573) 631-5927 St. Francois, Washington, Ste Genevieve, Iron, Franklin

Shoemaker Larry E 1/31/2020 Shoemaker Trucking & Backhoe 2405 Highway C Fredericktown MO 63645 (573) 760-6089 Madison, St. Francois, Iron, Wayne Perry Bollinger Cape Girardeau
ADV. Stachowski Tom R 8/31/2019 ProService LLC 200 S. Henry St. Farmington MO 63640 (573) 747-1679 St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Washinton, Iron, Madison
ADV. Thompson James M 6/30/2018 Thompson Excavating 1565 Madison 401 Fredericktown MO 63645 (573) 783-0174 Iron, St. Francois, Bollinger, Perry, Madison

Wendell Michael E 2/28/2020 Wendell Excavating 639 Olive Rd. Park Hills MO 63601 (573) 431-3277 St. Francois, Washington, Madison, Iron, St. Francois
ADV. Zimmerman Benjamin R 3/31/2019 Benjamin R Zimmerman 110 Moonlight Dr. Doe Run MO 63637 (573) 915-2353 St. Francois, Ste. Genevteve, Iron, Madison, Washington, Jefferson

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