This list includes Registered Installers who have indicated they work in this county. The list also shows some other counties served. For more registered installers, you can return to the map and check for installers that work in other nearby counties.

Any installer on this list can install basic OWTS. Advanced OWTS installers are noted with ADV and can install advanced OWTS. The requirements for advanced OWTS installers are effective July 1, 2005. There may be additional requirements to work in some counties. Contact the county onsite sewage authority to confirm that an individual can install systems in the county.

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Missouri Registered OWTS Installers List

Advanced Status Last Name First Name MI Date of Expiration Business Address City State Zip Code Business Phone Counties Served
ADV. Atkison L. J. 5/31/2020 LJ Atkison Underground Homes, Inc 3395 Hwy Z Edgerton MO 64444 (816) 790-3724 Buchanan, Clay, Clinton, Ray, Daviess, Platte
ADV. Barnes Paul E 8/31/2019 BBB Construction & Soil Testing 6605 E Hwy Smithville mo 64089 (816) 532-0334 Clinton, Clay, Platte, Buchanan, Cass, Andrew, Dekalb, Johnson, Jackson Calswell, Daviess, Carroll

Billups Josh L 1/31/2018 Hunsucker Company LLC dba Swan Plumbing 109 E Hampshire King City MO 64463 (660) 535-4433 Gentry, Dekalb, Andrew, Worth, Daviess
ADV. Brown Jody
4/30/2019 Browns Construction Co. PO Box 86
314 E McCarty
Edgerton KS 66021 (913) 406-9056 Johnson, Cass, lafayette, Jackson, Daviess

Bush Bret E 10/31/2018 A & E Builders Inc. PO Box 244 Kearney MO 64060 (816) 903-3267 Clay, Davies, Clinton, Dekalb, Platte, Jackson
ADV. Bush Jeramy A 10/31/2018 A & E Builders 12210 Carter Ln. Kearney MO 64060 (816) 903-3267 Clay, Davies, Clinton, Clay, Platte, Jackson, DeKalb
ADV. Dirks Anthony L 9/30/2019 Viking Dirtworks and Landscaping LLC 106 Waterworks Dr. Gallatin MO 64640 (660) 605-0665 Daviess, Harrison, Caldwell, Dekalb, Clinton
ADV. Fish Randy
2/28/2020 White Cloud Engineering & Construction Co 2610 Hallmark Rd Maryville MO 64468 (660) 582-4111 Nodaway, Andrew, Buchanan, Daviess
ADV. Fleming Ryan D 1/31/2020 Ryan Fleming Excavation & Plumbing LLC 1909 NE Jesse Dr. Kingston MO 64650 (816) 204-4087 Caldwell, Ray, Daviess, Dekalb, Clinton
ADV. Franke Jr John
8/31/2020 ARK Plumbing LLC 630 Cleveland Holt MO 64048 (816) 320-3209 Platte, Clay, Ray, Jackson, Davis

Gates Stephen K 9/30/2019 Gates Plumbing and Backhoe 11504 NE Witt Rd Cameron MO 64429 (816) 632-9647 Clinton, Caldwell, DeKalb, Daviess

Gaunt Kyle A 10/31/2020


Benton Livingston Daviess Caldwell
ADV. Hunsucker Jack L 7/31/2018 Swan Plumbing 109 East Hampshire, PO Box 293 King City MO 64463 (660) 535-4433 DeKalb, Andrew, Daviess, Nodaway,Gentry

Jarboe Will W 3/31/2019 Town & Country Plumbing & Trenching 1033 International Rd Chillicothe MO 64601 (660) 646-1894 Linn Livingston Carroll Grundy Daviess

Jennings Charles A 4/30/2018 Jennings Plumbing 604 South 8th St Bethany MO 64424 (660) 868-1919 Harrison, Gentry, Worth, Daviess, Grundy

Mulcahy Matthew G 4/30/2019 Mulcahy Contracting 3161 SE Wamsley Rd. Cameron MO 64429 (816) 383-3872 DeKalb Caldwell Buchanan Davies Clinton
ADV. Pierson Albert J 4/30/2019 Al's Plumbing & Backhoe Service 4342 NE Highway H Turney MO 64493 (816) 664-3405 Clay, Caldwell, Dekalb, Daviess, Clinton, Buchanan
ADV. Post Robert M 12/31/2019 Post Farms/Excavating 1587 NE Hebron Rd. Maysville MO 64469 (816) 617-2448 Dekalb, Daviess, Clinton, Buchanan, Andrew,
ADV. Riley Mitch S 8/31/2020 Riley Plumbing 31395 278th St Gallatin MO 64640 (660) 663-7190 Daviess Caldwell DeKalb Livingston Harrison

Russell Richard L 1/31/2020 Russell Plumbing 1601 River St Bethany MO 64424 (660) 425-3291 Davies, Gentry, Worth, Mercer, Harrison

Smith Mike L 10/31/2019 Mike L. Smith Electric & Trenching 10159 Wildfire Ave. Cameron MO 64429 (816) 632-5433 Daviess, Clinton, Cladwell, DeKalb, Livingston

Southwick Murl (Tony) A 10/31/2018 A & E Builder, Inc PO Box 244 Kearney MO 64060 (816) 903-3267 Clay, Clinton, Dekalb, Davies,Platte, Jackson

Stevens Lindsay N 4/30/2020 Stevens Excavating & Plumbing 1501 Day St Trenton MO 64683 (660) 635-1631 Daviess Mercer Livingston Sullivan Linn Harrison DeKalb Carroll
ADV. White John S 1/31/2020 SAM White Construction 1301 S Sloan Maysville MO 64469 (816) 724-0110 DeKalb, Daviess, Buchanan, Clinton, Andrew
ADV. Wright Kenneth A 4/30/2019 Affordable Plumbing 301 South Main #2 Maryville MO 64468 (310) 863-1513 Nodaway, Atchison, Davies, Andrew, Harrison


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