Take the Challenge

Get outdoors for 100 Missouri Miles of physical activity and share your photos with #100MoMiles.

100 Missouri Miles Challenge reaches 2 million miles! View video...

100 Missouri Miles of physical activity

Not Even a Minute

NEVER leave children or a pet unattended in automobiles.

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child and dog in car

Choosing the Right
Insect Repellent

In areas where both ticks and mosquitoes are a concern, a product with 20 percent to 50 percent DEET will give the best well-rounded protection.

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insect repellent

Stay cool.
Stay hydrated.
Stay informed.

Check on at-risk friends, family and neighbors during extreme heat. Beat the heat by finding a cooling center near you.

40 Years WIC

Rabies can be this
close to you

Rabies is a deadly disease transmitted by saliva. Vaccinate all dogs and cats.

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WIC is MOOoving to 1%
Milk and/or Skim Milk

Same great taste and nutrition, just less the fat! 1% and skim milk are for adults and children 2 years and older.

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Summertime and
Recreational Water

Healthy and Safe Swimming: We're in it Together.


Girl swimming

Protect the Skin
You're In

Reduce your risk of skin cancer by taking these steps: Rub It On, Seek Shade, Shield Your Skin, Use Your Head, Grab Your Shades



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