2015 Public Health Preparedness Conference


pdf files all presentations are in .pdf format unless otherwise noted

  1. Bruce Clements - "Texas 2014 Ebola Response: Lessons Learned and Next Steps"
  2. Melanie Amato - Measles Outbreak 2014: A Local Perspective on Response and Communication
  3. Bonnie Martin, Lisa Hubbert, C. Jon Hinkle - Panel: 2014 Measles Outbreak Kansas City Metropolitan Area
  4. Bruce Clements - “Lessons from the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas”
  5. Stefanie Pryor, Josh Creamer, Debbie Haller - Panel: Increase Effectiveness of Social Media
  6. Capt. Scott Lee, Harold Kirbey, Dean Linneman - Stopping Ebola at its source: The US Government responds in Liberia
  7. Scott Cormier - Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting
  8. Kevin Tweedy, Mark Thorp - A Look at the New State Portable Morgue and Its Capabilities
  9. Jody Starr - MO-HNS, EM Resource, WebEOC - The What, The When, The How
  10. Charity Hunter, Cathy Vaisvil, Ntashiah Shaw - Panel: Response to 2014 Civil Unrest
  11. Mike Herbert - LPHAA Continuity of Operations Planning