Smallpox Vaccination

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Fact Sheets and Q & As

Review/Summary Information

Note: Most of these documents do not include a discussion of smallpox vaccine and cardiac events. For more information on this topic, see the section below entitled "Adverse Reactions & Management."

Laboratory Specimens

CDC Smallpox Response Plan

Smallpox Vaccination Information: Pre-Event*

*That is, prior to the occurrence of a specific event that could result in exposure to smallpox (variola) virus. Examples of such an event would be the appearance of smallpox cases, or the known release of variola virus by bioterrorists.

Smallpox Vaccination Information: Post-Event

Training Opportunities and Materials

Information on the Current Smallpox Vaccine

Contraindications to Smallpox Vaccine in the Pre-Event* Setting

Smallpox Vaccine Administration and Take Evaluation

Infection Control and Care of the Vaccination Site

Normal Reactions Following Smallpox Vaccination

Adverse Reactions & Management

Public Health Response

Other Information