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Postpartum MICA - Map

Follow this step-by-step process to generate a Missouri map for postpartum women participating in WIC, categorized by year, age group, marital status, etc.
If you want to choose a particular range (example: Age: 25 to 29 years) select it from the pull-down box below.
  Age:    Education:   Marital Status:
Race:   Ethnicity:   Medicaid Status:
  WIC Postpartum Visit:   Program Type
Select year(s) of interest (default: 2008).
2000       2001       2002       2003      2004      2005      2006      2007      2008     
Select a indicator (default: All WIC Postpartum delivering live births in given year).
This list contains selected postpartum indicators
Map for selected indicator
Map for more specific indicators within selected indicator
Select statistics to be displayed: Frequencies only Frequencies and Percents
Select count intervals: Quartiles Quintiles Highs/Lows
Label counties: No Yes
Select color combination: