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Emergency Room

The following step-by-step process will allow you to customize a data table using Emergency Room Statistics.
Select a row variable (default value: Diagnosis).
Year       Race       Ethnicity       Sex       Age       Pay Source       County*        Diagnosis*
Select a column variable (default value: Year).
Year       Race      Ethnicity      Sex      Age       Pay Source       County*        Diagnosis*
If you want to choose a particular range (example: Ages 25 - 44) do not select that variable above, choose it in the pull-down box below. 
     Race:          Ethnicity:     Sex:
     Age:                       Pay Source:
Select year(s) of interest (default: 2013).
     1994     1995     1996     1997     1998     1999     2000     2001     2002     2003
     2004     2005     2006     2007     2008     2009     2010     2011     2012     2013    
Select county(ies) or city(ies) of interest (default: State of Missouri). 
Statewide &/or County                     Cities
To select multiple counties/cities: Select the first county/city with pointer and hold the control key down while making additional selections. To deselect, hold control key and point to county/city to be deselected. NOTE: Separate tables must be created for either county or city data.     OR   
Select an indicator variable (default: All Diagnoses).
This list contains the major diagnoses. Once the table is produced by major diagnoses, you are allowed to "drill down". "Drill down" allows you to look at more specific diagnoses that make up these major diagnoses.                
Frequencies with Rates or Percents:   
Age Adjustment Standard Population Selection: 
Confidence Intervals for Rates: