WIC Prenatal/Postpartum MICA

The WIC Prenatal/Postpartum MICA provides data on Missouri residents who receive services through the Missouri WIC Prenatal and Postpartum programs.  Prenatal refers to the period during pregnancy.  Postpartum refers to the period after pregnancy.  To learn more about participant eligibility for the WIC Prenatal and Postpartum programs, please visit the Missouri WIC Program website

The WIC Prenatal/Postpartum MICA includes a record for each mother who delivered a live infant during a given calendar year and who also participated in the WIC Prenatal program during her pregnancy.  The data reported in the WIC Prenatal/Postpartum MICA are collected on the participant’s certification dates for the two programs.  Certification occurs when the participant has provided all required documentation and is eligible to receive WIC services. 

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WIC Prenatal MICA
WIC Postpartum MICA