Risk factors and prevalence rates for stroke among adults 18 years and older

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Risk factors for stroke
Angina or coronary heart disease2014221,5594.8 
Prior heart attack2014250,2315.4 
No cholesterol screening2013999,51322.0 
Binge drinking2014672,28815.1 
Heavy drinking2014231,8215.2 
Heavy drinking among males2014145,5376.8 
Heavy drinking among females201486,2853.7 
Incorrectly answered signs and symptoms of stroke20093,191,32478.9 
County Level Study ‡
High blood pressure20111,410,85434.4
High cholesterol20111,627,40239.6
Current smoking2011947,43823.1
Physical inactivity2011972,51123.7
Low fruit and vegetable intake20113,591,67787.5
Stroke prevalence (non-institutional)***
Adults age 18 and older2014170,4733.7 
Age 18-44201411,0770.5 
Age 45-54201433,0514.2 
Age 55-64201434,9784.5 
Age 65+201490,2659.6 
Annual household income
Less than $15,000201433,6558.2 
Educational attainment
Less than high school201441,6357.0 
High school/GED201466,4034.5 
Post-high school201461,7062.4 
‡ County Level Study is a large sample survey that provides Missouri county-specific rates.
† Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) annual survey provides state and regional rates. Note that for county profiles, rates are provided at the regional level.
*** Prevalence estimates for stroke are likely to be underestimated because they are based on a telephone survey of residences. Some persons who have had strokes may be unable to respond to a telephone survey; many reside in nursing homes or other institutions.

Mortality/PAS (Hospitalization and ER indicators)

Data Years Number of Events Rate Significantly Different Ranking Quintile Trend Lines Comparison/Bar Graphs Download Data
Stroke/other cerebrovascular disease2003-201334,94147.8
Stroke/other cerebrovascular disease (CVD)2009-201399,06428.8
Acute stroke2009-201375,48521.9
Ischemic stroke2009-201363,35118.3
Hemorrhagic stroke2009-201312,1343.6
Late effects and other CVD2009-20135,2691.5
Transient ischemic attack (TIA)2009-201318,3125.4
Emergency room visits
Stroke/other cerebrovascular disease2009-201326,0570.8
Transient ischemic attack (TIA)2009-201311,8600.3
Mortality rates are per year per 100,000 population and are age-adjusted to the U.S. 2000 standard population.
Hospitalization rates are per year per 10,000 population and are age-adjusted to the U.S. 2000 standard population.
Emergency room rates are per year per 1,000 population and are age-adjusted to the U.S. 2000 standard population.
Trends are available only if each 3-year period of the moving average has an average of 20 or more events.

Hospitalization Utilization indicators

Data Years Number of Events Percent Download Data
Hospital Utilization Indicators
Stroke/other cerebrovascular disease
Total charges2013761,138,764- 
Age 65 and older2013442,820,234- 
Total days of care201387,246- 
Age 65 and older201353,977- 
Ischemic stroke
Total charges2013465,947,447- 
Total days of care201355,943- 
Discharge status @
Other LTC facility2009-20139,57015.1 
Thrombolytic agent (tPA) given2009-20133,5635.6 
Hemorrhagic stroke
Total charges2013183,441,568- 
Total days of care201319,116- 
Discharge status @
Other LTC Facility2009-20132,14417.7 
TIA hospitalizations admitted through ER2009-201313,78975.3 
@ Percentages for discharge status will not add to 100% because of transfers, unknown and other discharge dispositions.
* Fewer than 20 events in numerator; rate is unstable.

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