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Preterm Births (less than 37 Weeks Gestation)
Low Birth Weight
Low Birth Weight and Term
Very Low Birth Weight
Small for Gestational Age
Birth Defects per 10,000
Neural Tube Defects(NTD) per 10,000
Very Low Birth Weight Delivered in Level III Centers
Infants Participating in WIC
WIC Infants - Ever Breastfed
Infants on Medicaid  
Neonatal Deaths per 1,000
Perinatal Deaths per 1,000
Postneonatal Deaths per 1,000
Infant Deaths per 1,000
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) per 1,000
A definition of each indicator along with how its corresponding rate is calculated can be found by clicking on the indicator in question. The Quick Reference to Indicator Rates gives a shortened version of indicator rate/ratios.
Trends are available only if each 3-year period of the moving average has an average of 20 or more events.
* Fewer than 20 events in numerator; rate is unstable.

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