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Preterm Births (less than 37 Weeks Gestation)2008-201247,44312.2
Low Birth Weight2008-201231,1388.0
Low Birth Weight and Term2008-201210,3833.1
Very Low Birth Weight2008-20125,6391.5
Small for Gestational Age2008-201235,5829.5
Birth Defects per 10,0002007-201125,389643.6
Neural Tube Defects(NTD) per 10,0002007-20112536.4
Very Low Birth Weight Delivered in Level III Centers2008-20124,39882.8
Infants Participating in WIC201243,76758.1
WIC Infants - Ever Breastfed201228,35566.1
Infants on Medicaid201238,74351.4  
Neonatal Deaths per 1,0002002-20124,0594.7
Perinatal Deaths per 1,0002002-20129,03210.5
Postneonatal Deaths per 1,0002002-20122,1902.6
Infant Deaths per 1,0002002-20126,2497.3
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) per 1,0002002-20124200.5
A definition of each indicator along with how its corresponding rate is calculated can be found by clicking on the indicator in question. The Quick Reference to Indicator Rates gives a shortened version of indicator rate/ratios.
Trends are available only if each 3-year period of the moving average has an average of 20 or more events.
* Fewer than 20 events in numerator; rate is unstable.

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