Missouri is currently pursuing partnerships with other states on a variety of disease surveillance issues.  One part of this project is to team up to view ESSENCE data at the regional level across state lines.  If you are another state health department and wish to contact Missouri about teaming up or about sharing general information about our syndromic surveillance experience, please contact us at ESSENCE@health.mo.gov or 573-751-6113.

For additional information on Missouri ESSENCE

Missouri ESSENCE Map

Missouri’s Syndromic Surveillance Experience

Information for Illinois Partners:

For general information:
ESSENCE Information for Illinois Public Health Authorities

For information on how Illinois and Kansas participating hospitals and public health authorities can register for ESSENCE access:
ASAP User Manual for ESSENCE in Illinois and Kansas

For technical information for hospitals:
Technical Specs for Illinois Hospitals

Missouri ESSENCE Training Materials for Illinois Users (May 2009)

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