Worksite-based Settings

Most adults spend many of their waking hours at work. So, worksites are a good place to encourage employees to prevent or stop the number of sexual assaults. Worksites may include strategies and activities for employees and managers. For example, worksites can improve employee’s knowledge about sexual assault. Worksites can also have policies on reporting sexual assault in the workplace. Some worksite programs or policies are decided by managers, while others are created by employees and managers working together. Worksite interventions can also help support employee’s families. For example, the worksite can provide referrals to victim crisis centers.

Worksite-based interventions work best when used with interventions in other settings:

  • Community-based settings: worksites can sponsor community events about sexual assault prevention
  • School-based settings: worksites can offer flexible work leave policies to let parents go to school activities
  • Faith-based settings: faith-based organizations can use worksite facilities or equipment to host events about sexual assault prevention
  • Health care facility-based settings: health care facilities can create policies to offer incentives for employees who go to training on sexual assault prevention
  • Home-based settings: worksites can provide employees with flyers on how to talk about sexual assault prevention with their families

Things to consider for worksite-based interventions:

  • Since most adults are employed, worksite-based intervention is a good way to reach adults and their families.
  • Because adults are often employed at worksites for long periods of time, the worksite is a good place to provide a variety of interventions over time to the same group of adults.
  • Worksites can create environments and policies to prevent or stop the number of sexual assaults. When these environments and policies are enforced by management, employees are required to follow them.
  • Worksites can provide support to victims of sexual assault. For example, this may include referrals to a counselor or support group in the community.
  • Sexual assault education programs in the workplace can lead to fewer sexual assaults in the workplace.
  • Some worksites are important locations to promote sexual assault prevention campaigns. For example, government agencies can serve as a role model for other organizations in the community.

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