Health Care Providers

  Population considerations

  • Lack of training. Physicians sometimes feel less confident to intervene on suspected abuse because of lack of formal training (Leder, 1999). Many physicians reject the notion of inquiring about possible or suspected abuse because they feel unprepared to deal with the situation if it progresses further (Leder, 1999).
  • Lack of appropriate referral services. Physicians neglect inquiring about sexual abuse because they feel that if further services are needed, they will not be available due to a lack of services (Leder, 1999).

  Strategies to address these considerations

  • Improve health care provider training. Increase training on how to deal with sexual assault in order to increase the likelihood that health care providers will intervene in situations where they suspect sexual abuse.Increase health care provider awareness. Increase awareness of local, state and national resources available to health care providers.

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