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Upcoming ORHP Funding Opportunities and Technical Assistance Resources for Applicants

Attached is a list of the upcoming funding opportunities from now until FY15 for community and telehealth grants. Please use this document to assist rural communities in your state learn a little more about what funding opportunities will be available.

HRSA has developed a webpage specifically for providing technical assistance for potential applications ( Please bookmark this site for your own reference and promote it with potential applicants you are working with in your state. The portal includes slide presentations and recorded webinars for more detailed information on specific topics. This portal provides information about:
• HRSA funding opportunities,
• how to register in the various systems needed to submit an application,
• finding opportunities and submitting them in,
• tips for writing a strong application, and
• an explanation of the HRSA application review process (a great way to learn about the review process is to become a reviewer, please sign up and encourage others to sign up as well):

Please let me know if you have questions or requests for other types of information/resources that will help you promote our ORHP grant programs.

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