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Patient Care

PubHub has made the following reports available:

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center: Excellence in Heart Attack Care Reduces Readmissions

Highlights the factors and strategies behind low readmission rates for heart attack and pneumonia patients, including a focus on quality, concurrent review, extensive training, discharge planning, patient education, and use of risk assessment software.

Intermountain Healthcare’s McKay-Dee Hospital Center: Driving Down Readmissions by Caring for Patients the “Right Way”

Outlines the hospital’s strategies for low readmission rates for heart failure and pneumonia, including standardization of care, interdisciplinary care coordination and discharge planning, and integration with community providers, and lessons learned.

The Connected Patient: Charting the Vital Signs of Remote Health Monitoring

Examines the research on the efficacy of devices that collect and transmit a patient’s health data to a healthcare provider for clinical review and intervention when applicable, definitions, market drivers, barriers, and models and prospects.

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