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Increasing Capacity for Patient Care

The Commonwealth Fund has made the following report available:

Most Americans get their health care in small physician practices. Yet, small practice settings are often unable to provide the same range of services or participate in quality improvement initiatives as large practices because they lack the staff, information technology, and office systems. One promising strategy is to share clinical support services and information systems with other practices. New findings from the 2009 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Physicians suggest smaller practices that share resources are more likely than those without shared resources to have advanced electronic medical records and health information technology, routinely track and manage patient information, have after-hours care arrangements, and engage in quality monitoring and benchmarking. This issue brief highlights strategies that can increase resources among small- and medium-sized practices and efforts supported by states, the private sector, and the Affordable Care Act that encourage the expansion of shared-resource models. Find more on this study by clicking here.

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