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Improving Retention, Clinical Performance, and Job Satisfaction

From Idaho State University, School of Nursing

Rural nurses are required to have a breadth and depth of knowledge unparalleled in other specialty nursing fields. The immense generalist role of the rural nurse often leads to early burnout and high turnover rates when compared with more urban nurse roles (up to 65% in the first year of practice). Residency or Transition-to- Practice programs have been shown to be an effective means of reducing the turnover of new and transitioning nurses, improving their job satisfaction, and hastening critical thinking skills.

And so, it is with great excitement that Idaho State University (ISU) developed the Northwest Rural Nurse Residency (NWRNR) program. Participants receive all of their training (64-hours of seminars and a 104-hour supervised clinical experience) ‘at home’ in their own facilities from top-notch rural nurse experts. Using new technologies like web-conferencing and high-tech simulation make it possible for the program to be offered at no cost to participants.  Program faculty and staff provide support and information for preceptors, residents, and nurse administrators to help ensure a flexible, locally adapted, successful completion of the 12-month program.

The next sessions will be starting in June 2011. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply today! Be one of the first facilities in your area to boast the employment of rural nurse specialists while enjoying the benefits of improved clinical performance and lower nurse turnover. To learn more about the NWRNR please call the ISU Office of Professional Development at (208) 282-3820, email at or visit the NWRNR website at

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