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AHIMA Foundation to Offer Webinars for Rural Healthcare Providers

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), in partnership with ORHP, has created a series of health IT webinars with varying topical concentrations.  The first webinar on October 9th will focus on the use of mHealth (mobile/cellular healthcare) in rural settings.  Webinars that follow may focus upon health IT workforce and population health measurement/data collection practices.

These free webinars will provide excellent ideas concerning how Flex coordinators, CAHs/small rural hospitals, rural health clinics, and other providers may want to use technology in the future to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.  Some of these technologies may find their way into the SHIP or Flex program in some form, at some point;  irrespecitve of that point, these webinars are a great opportunity to hear national thought leaders who’ve applied these innovative tools, in a thoughtful, outcome-focused way.

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