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HIT Readiness

Are you aware of networks in your state that are planning to apply for the Health Information Technology (HIT) Network Development Grant? If so, please share with them a great resource developed by the National Rural Health Resource Center to assist in assessing their HIT readiness as a network.

The HIT Network Readiness Assessment Tool was created by the National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center) because we recognize that building a HIT network is a complex and time-consuming task. Network leaders must think through intricate organizational issues around leadership, finance, planning, member engagement and decision making. In an effort to move HIT networks down the learning curve faster, this tool can be used to assess the organizational strengths and weaknesses and target the network’s technical assistance needs. It is intended to be used as a self-assessment instrument that network leaders and members can use to identify areas needing attention.

If you have any questions on the tool, please contact Terry Hill 218-727-9390 ext. 232 or Sally Trnka 218-727-9390 ext. 233.

View the assessment tool below:

HIT Network Readiness Assessment
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