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2013 Rural Heath Champion

November 21, 2013

The 2013 Rural Heath Champion has been chosen. CONGRATULATIONS to the CEO of Scotland County Hospital in Memphis, MO – Marcia R. Dial for being voted Missouri’s Rural Health Champion!

The 2013 Missouri Rural Health Champion has been chosen! Marcia R. Dial, CEO of Scotland County Hospital (SCH) in Memphis, MO, since 1988. Prior to that, she was part of the accounting staff for the Hospital. She has been an employee of SCH for over 38 years. When Dial assumed the CEO position in the late 80’s, the medical staff consisted of two very well-liked family practice doctors that worked too many hours, to have much of a personal life! Today, the Hospital operates with over 25 young, highly respected doctors that provide a comprehensive list of skills from family practice to specialties.

Her fiscally savvy nature has moved the struggling hospital from a $4,000,000 gross revenue budget, in the mid-80’s, with little reserves, to a nearly $30,000,000 operation that has supported six building projects in the last 17 years, and paid for through self-generated hospital funding and grant projects. Dial and her administrative staff have a keen ability for grant writing and a successful track record in this arena, bringing in
3-4 million dollars into the advancement of rural healthcare for our communities.

Dial also serves on a number of state and federal rural health policy committees & boards. The most recent invitation she accepted was from the Rural Hospital Issues Group – a Cooperative effort of the Rural Analysis Research Institute of AHA and the National Rural Health Association with a larger cooperative agreement between the Rural Policy Research Institute and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. If there has ever been a genuine, loyal and career committed professional to champion rural healthcare, it is undoubtedly, Marcia R. Dial from Scotland County Hospital in Memphis, MO.

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