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Canton Elementary School Participates in PSP

In November, students at Canton Elementary School in Lewis County took part in the Preventive Services Program for their second year in a row.  With the help and support of one dentist, Dr. C. Clark Todd, DDS, 243 children from preschool through the 6th grade were screened, and with the additional help of the school nurse and a handful of community volunteers, the children received their first application of fluoride varnish for the year. 

Canton Elementary School Participates in PSPAccording to school nurse, Diane Jorgensen, RN, “Dr. Todd is very community oriented.  He is very charitable and compassionate.”  She states that prior to the implementation of PSP, Dr. Todd has for more than 10 years set aside one Wednesday each year to provide dental screenings at this school, spending his entire day there. “We feed him lunch, but that’s the only reward he gets!” she comments.  Both the school and the families of the children attending this school appreciate the commitment and time this local dentist spends at Canton Elementary.

Pictured above are school nurse Diane Jorgensen, RN and Allie Ruffcorn.
Below are Michelle Frazier, RN and Avery Uhlmeyer.

Canton Elementary School Participates in PSP

Dental Hygiene Students at Precious Children Day Care Center

Dental Hygiene Students from Missouri College in St. Louis are taking part in PSP this year again by visiting various local preschool programs to provide dental screenings, fluoride varnish, and oral health education. Pictured here is a small group of students demonstrating brushing to the children at the Precious Children Day Care Center in St. Louis through the use of a large puppet.

From left to right: Christine Voelkel, Angeliita Campbell, Brittany Smith, Laura Healy, Kelsey Badgett and Erika Freitag.

New Haven Elementary Students Participate in the “Healthy Smiles” Fluoride Varnish Program

Students at New Haven Elementary School bared their teeth for a good cause, it was Healthy Smiles day! Several area dentists, a hygienist, and parent volunteers spared their valuable time to help with the worthy cause on October 25, 2011.

Nearly 200 elementary students participated in the annual “Healthy Smiles” oral health Preventive Services Program. This yearly program is a community-supported program, as area dental professionals volunteer their valuable time to come into the school and complete oral dental screenings on the students. Helpful parent volunteers then guarantee a healthy smile with a finishing touch of fluoride varnish applied to the teeth. Parents are notified of the screening results, along with any advice for needed follow-up care due to identified concerns. This yearly program is monitored and the supplies are offered as a free service to all students through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Additional training for healthy oral hygiene is presented to the elementary students prior to the Healthy Smiles program and throughout the remaining school year to encourage healthy habits for oral care of their teeth. To complete the varnish application process, a second application is scheduled for April 2012.

Pictured in the attached photograph: Seated (left to right): Dr. Jackie Miller DDS of Tri-County Orthodontics in Washington, Dr. Jenifer Moser DDS of New Haven Dental Care in New Haven, Dr. Nathan Hartman DDS of Hermann Family Dental in Hermann, and Dr. Kevin Walde DDS MS PC of Walde Orthodontic Associates in Washington. Standing left to right: Evelyn Lucas, Susan Legg, Melissa Sumpter, Stephanie Nicks DA, Rachael Geisler, Andrea Keethler, Patty Groner, Rachael Vandegriffe RDH, Gia Eichelberger, Tracy Laune, Michelle Fitts and Lya Struckhoff.

Normandy School District Takes Part In PSP

St. Louis area hygienists jump in to help the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the St. Louis County Health Department with the implementation of the Preventive Services Program (PSP) in the Normandy School District in St. Louis. This is the first year the district has taken part in PSP. Washington Elementary (pictured here) is one of seven schools this group of hygienists visited to provide dental screenings and fluoride varnish. A return visit for the second application of fluoride varnish is planned for February 2012.

Pictured here from back left: Diann Bomkamp, Sheryl Schuchard and Naomi Vance; from front left: Jodi Gates, Suzanne Burton, and Helene Ruddy, the St. Louis area Oral Health Consultant from DHSS. Not pictured with this group of travelling hygienists are Ann Bube, Audra O’Neal, Kimberly Schaub and Elizabeth Hodge.