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CMS Memo S&C 16-11 ALL: Exit Conferences- Sharing Specific Regulatory References or Tags

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has clarified guidance to surveyors regarding the procedures for conducting exit conferences, specifically related to the sharing of regulatory tags.  There are significant changes to the exit conference process in this memo.  In addition to the guidance in this memo, CMS has also given direction that the staff identifier list is not to be released even if requested.  This guidance applies to Medicare/Medicaid certified homes only.  The Section for Long-Term Care Regulation will implement these changes no later than March 31, 2016.

Please see the memo and attachments below or visit

SC16-11-ALL Memo
SC16-11-ALL.02 SOM Chapter 2
SC16-11-ALL.03 SOM Chapter 5
SC16-11-ALL.04 SOM Appendix P

CMS Memo S&C 16-13-NH: Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) – Implementation of required electronic submission of Staffing Data for Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities

Information about the requirement for LTC facilities to electronically submit staffing data through the PBJ:

Please see the memo here for details.

TMF Webinar

April 21, 2016:  Medication Therapy Management: A Pharmacist’s Perspective
Presenter:  Anthony Luedicke, MBA, RPh, Pharmacist, Walgreens

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to positively impact patient outcomes, adherence rates and reduce readmission rates.  Universally accessible for many patients, pharmacists provide valuable information and follow up after hospital discharge.  Through medication therapy management services, pharmacists can provide an avenue to quantify and track interventions, adherence challenges, potential adverse drug interactions and drug cost saving opportunities.  Continuing education credits will not be awarded for this presentation.

For more information and to register, please visit the event page here.

Nursing Home Quality Improvement Spotlight On…

Improving Quality Measures

Focusing on improving quality measures can potentially result in a better five-star rating for the facility.  Click on the links below to learn more on strategies toward improving these rates.

Quality Measure Video Series
QAPI Video Series

Introduction to Payroll Based Journal CMS

April 21, 2016:  Ameristar Conference Center, St. Charles, MO
May 11, 2016:  Ramada Oasis Hotel, Springfield, MO
May 12, 2016:  Stoney Creek Conference Center, Independence, MO
May 18, 2016:  Comfort Inn, Macon, MO

All SNF’s will be required to submit electronic payroll data which will then be used for the CMS Nursing Home Compare and the Nursing Home Five Star Quality Rating system.  The counting period will begin in the 4th quarter of this year July 1-September 30 and the first submission will be due by November 14, 2016.  (Note that quarter data is not a typo-for PBJ our fourth quarter will be the July through September period).  Why is this important to you and your facility?

Please see the brochure here or visit MANHA for more details.

Interact Tools 4.0

April 6, 2016:  Ramada Oasis Hotel, Springfield, MO
April 7, 2016:  Stoney Creek Conference Center, Independence, MO
April 13, 2016:  Comfort Inn, Macon, MO
April 14, 2016:  River City Hotel, St. Louis, MO

Reducing hospital re-admissions is just one of many ways to use the Interact Tools in your facility.  They can also drive the process of assessment, notification, and provide some intervention ideas as well.  Their use can guide your nursing staff on proper physician notification and improve the communication between your charge nurse and C.N.A.’s .  Using the guides can also help improve documentation. We will create a template for a charge nurse guide for each facility to use and develop best practice implementation ideas through group deliberation.

Please see the brochure here or visit MANHA for more details.

Nursing Home Quality Improvement Spotlight On…

Reducing Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotic Medications – Alternatives

There are multiple ideas and suggestions for reducing antipsychotic medication use through alternative strategies.  It is suggested that use of alternatives be carefully monitored with frequent reassessment.  Click on the following links to learn more.

Checklist: Activities that may help improve nighttime sleep for residents with dementia (PDF)
Antipsychotic Alternatives (PDF)