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Evidence Based Falls Risk Assessment and Intervention

August 10, 2016:  Webinar 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CT
Presenter:  Kathleen Weissberg from Select Rehabilitation
Registration Deadline is August 8, 2016.

Fall risk assessments are a crucial tool in identifying which residents could be at risk for falling and, therefore, a candidate for a fall prevention program.  Fall risk assessments not only identify residents at risk, but also aid in recognizing the type of intervention that should be utilized.  They also assist in increasing staff knowledge in fall risk prevention and intervention strategies.  This webinar reviews the definition of a fall and intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors related to falls.  Evidence-based assessments demonstrated to be predictive of risk are reviewed as they relate to nursing and therapy practice with elderly clients.  This webinar reviews evidence-based intervention strategies applicable to a balance and fall management program including environmental modification, patient and caregiver education, and balance retraining activities.  Falls management program rationale and implementation is also discussed as well as interdisciplinary techniques and strategies to reduce fall risk in the elderly.

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Action Pact 1-Day Workshop

June 9, 2016:  From Good Sleep to Wellness
Location:  Kansas City, KS

Participants will take an in-depth look at the impact of sleep or lack of sleep on the life of those they serve.  They will consider the causes and contributing factors, identifying those that can be changed and develop plans for addressing them based upon the concepts of high involvement and resident-directed care.

Please see the even details and registration info here.

Conversations with Carmen

April 22, 2016:  Dignity-Based Approach to Incontinence
Guest:  Susan Fry, Retired Culture Change Nurse Leader

Guest Susan Fry will report out on a multisite research study regarding a dignity-based approach to incontinence management. Join us to hear both the change steps and the exciting improved outcomes realized:

  • Disturbing residents less often increases comfort and dignity and respects natural sleep patterns, which improves alertness, appetite and nutrition while reducing confusion.
  • Reducing the risk for falls by supporting residents to sleep naturally through the night without the need to get up to use the bathroom.
  • Higher quality products keep skin dryer and promote skin health.
  • Better leakage protection encourages resident confidence and security.
  • Individualized care respects residents’ dignity and voiding patterns, and improves the level of participation in daily activities.

Please visit the event page here for more information and to register.

MHCA ALF Based Webinar

April 19, 2016:  Quality of Life…It’s What Culture Change is All About

Assisted Living communities have always taken pride in the fact that they are grounded on a social versus a medical model of care. As healthcare has evolved over the past few years, the healthcare needs of AL residents have increased, threatening the social model focus and potentially compromising the focus of the team meeting resident’s quality of life needs. By learning & discussing the 10 Eden Alternative principles, we will explore the fundamentals of how to meet resident and care partners needs in a way that respects individuality and keeps quality of life as the focus.

Please see the attached brochure for details and registration.

MHCA ALF & SNF Based Webinar

April 12, 2016:  Intro to Finance 101

This webinar is designed to give Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facility leaders an introduction into finance in a way that will enable them to understand how their efforts impact the value and profitability of their facilities.

Please see the attached brochure for details and registration.

TMF Webinar

April 21, 2016:  Medication Therapy Management: A Pharmacist’s Perspective
Presenter:  Anthony Luedicke, MBA, RPh, Pharmacist, Walgreens

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to positively impact patient outcomes, adherence rates and reduce readmission rates.  Universally accessible for many patients, pharmacists provide valuable information and follow up after hospital discharge.  Through medication therapy management services, pharmacists can provide an avenue to quantify and track interventions, adherence challenges, potential adverse drug interactions and drug cost saving opportunities.  Continuing education credits will not be awarded for this presentation.

For more information and to register, please visit the event page here.

Introduction to Payroll Based Journal CMS

April 21, 2016:  Ameristar Conference Center, St. Charles, MO
May 11, 2016:  Ramada Oasis Hotel, Springfield, MO
May 12, 2016:  Stoney Creek Conference Center, Independence, MO
May 18, 2016:  Comfort Inn, Macon, MO

All SNF’s will be required to submit electronic payroll data which will then be used for the CMS Nursing Home Compare and the Nursing Home Five Star Quality Rating system.  The counting period will begin in the 4th quarter of this year July 1-September 30 and the first submission will be due by November 14, 2016.  (Note that quarter data is not a typo-for PBJ our fourth quarter will be the July through September period).  Why is this important to you and your facility?

Please see the brochure here or visit MANHA for more details.