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One-Day Workshop: Food for Thought – The Deep Seated Issue of Choice

April 23, 2014:  Kansas City, Ks.

This workshop focuses on resident-directed dining, bringing the principles and practices of the New Dining Best Practice Standards to your organization in an experiential and practical manner.  If you are in households or neighborhoods, it will spark new energy in your teams and generate an excitement about resident-directed life.  If you are committed to resident-directed life but still operate in a traditional organization, this workshop help you identify first steps and serve as a guide for your journey.  Please visit

To learn more about Action Pact, click on the links below:

From Inside Out: Gardens Meet Unmet Needs – Free Webinar

March 25, 2014:  Focusing on specific case studies, Jack Carman of Design for Generations will discuss how communities have worked together to create exciting outdoor gardens that involve both a person-directed process and excellent outcomes.  Please visit The Eden Alternative website at,com_registrationpro/Itemid,25/view,events/, or click here to register.

MC5 Regional Meetings – April 2014

April 1, 2014:  Central

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Location:  N.H. Scheppers Distributing Co., The Clydesdale Room, 2300 St. Mary’s Blvd., Jefferson City, Mo.


April 15, 2014:  East Central

MDS & Quality of Life: Operationalizing Customary Routines - MC5 East Central and Primaris Learning Collaborative

Location:  The Centre, 1200 Holloway St., Rolla, Mo.


April 18, 2014:  Route 71

Survey and Culture Change

Location:   Community Center, 200 North Ash, Nevada, Mo.


April 23, 2014:  Northeast

Ageism, Self Evaluation & Customer Service in Long-Term Care

Please view the flyer here:  MC5 North East April 23, 2014

Location:  First Church of the Nazarene, 32838 US Hwy 63, Macon, Mo.


April 23, 2014:  West

The Artifacts of Culture Change

Location:   Centerpoint Medical Center, East Auditorium, 19600 East 39th St., Independence, Mo.


For details, please visit the Missouri Coalition Celebrating Care Continuum Change (MC5) website at

Person-Directed Clinical Practices – A QAPI Strategy

Developed by The Eden Alternative, presented in association with Pioneer Network

A 3-part webinar series to strengthen and support person-directed care

This 3-part webinar series will highlight how implementing person-directed care actually strengthens and supports efforts to improve aspects of clinical care, and in turn, alignment with QAPI guidelines. Participants will learn how to work smarter, not harder, by creating a fully integrated quality improvement strategy that honors quality of life and overall well-being for all involved in the care relationship.

To learn more, please visit

Click here to register for all three events


Strategies for Implementing a Fall Prevention Program that Works

April 10, 2014:  Pioneer Network Webinar

In 2008, Empira, a Minnesota consortium of skilled nursing homes, implemented a program to prevent and reduce resident falls in fifteen of their homes.  Register for this webinar and learn about the process and outcomes of Empira’s fall prevention program including how those homes became alarm-free, restraint-free, with corrected bed heights (no low beds), no floor mats, and the cautionary use of gripper socks.

Read more about this webinar and register by visiting