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February 4, 2016:  Conducting a Standardized Nursing Home Resident Assessment of Activities of Daily Living and Bowel/Bladder Continence Using the Minimum Data Set

Please join this webinar for a dynamic discussion about Minimum Data Set (MDS) requirements for clinical assessment to improve activities of daily living (ADLs) and bowel/bladder continence for nursing home residents. Attendees will hear an experienced MDS clinical coordinator describe the process to evaluate each aspect of ADLs and bowel/urinary continence to include MDS coding.

Please visit the event page here to register.

2015 and 2016 Hot Topics Webinars available as a bundle!

Pioneer Network’s Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action on demand webinars are a great resource for in-service training.  You can watch/show these webinar recordings as many times as you’d like and copy the handouts if you so desire.  The On-Demand version of our ten 2015 webinars are available for a special bundle price of $500 (a $990 value!).  Some of the webinar titles for sale include: Moving Past the 3Bs of a Traditional Activities Calendar; A Person-centered Approach to Eliminating Alarms and Physical Restraints; Safety vs. Autonomy for Elders: What if Maslow was Wrong?  For a complete list of On Demand webinars, click here.  If you’re not interested in the bundle purchase for the 2015 webinars, they are still available for $99 each. The 2014 webinars listed are available for $99/each.  To take advantage of the bulk discount, contact

The dates, topics and presenters are set for Pioneer Network’s 2016 webinars!  We are offering all 12 webinars for a discounted bundle price of $890 (that’s3 free webinars from the individual webinar rate).  Many of these webinars are from our most highly rated 2015 conference sessions.  Topics are always highly relevant to person centered care/person directed living.  The 2016 webinar titles are listed here.  To take advantage of the bulk discount, contact

On the Road…to Culture Change: NHC Healthcare, Maryland Heights

NHC Healthcare, Maryland Heights
In early August 2015, I attended the national culture change conference hosted by the Pioneer Network in Chicago, Illinois.  During one of the training sessions, someone asked if nursing homes could keep live chickens…to read more and view photos, click here: NHC Healthcare, Maryland Heights

Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action

February 11, 2016:  Building Community Through Meaningful Engagement
Presenters:  Angie McAlister, Director of Cultural Transformation-Hometown, Signature HealthCARE and Linda McDaniel, Director of Clinical Care-Hometown, Signature HealthCARE

How can you build true community by engaging elders and the care team in new and innovative ways?  Join us for this webinar as we discuss concepts that have worked in our homes to build vibrant communities that promote growth for all.  We will discuss new ways to strengthen individualized approaches to protect and honor personal preferences through innovative programming methods.  We will also define intentional spontaneity and outline the benefits and discuss how to build flexibility into the day.

Please visit the Hot Topics event registration page here for more details.

Resident-to-Resident Mistreatment Webinar

February 2, 2016: Resident-to-Resident Elder Mistreatment in Nursing Homes:  Findings from the First Prevalence Study

Join us for a webinar hosted by Consumer Voice in collaboration with the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) to discuss the prevalence of resident-to-resident mistreatment and learn how to identify, prevent, and respond to these incidents

Click here to register.

Nursing Home Quality Improvement Spotlight on….

Vaccination Administration

Proper administration of flu and pneumonia vaccinations is necessary for resident safety and accurate documentation for coding.  Click on the following links to learn more about recommendations for administration of these two vaccines.

Influenza Vaccination Recommendations
Pneumococcal Vaccination Recommendations

Person-centered care and resident choice: Giving elders a voice

One perception often interfering with the adoption and implementation of person-centered care practices in nursing homes is apprehension by staff, administrators, and governing boards about potential legal liability and regulatory exposure if residents suffer injuries.  This is primarily because a number of person-centered practices, such as offering residents meaningful choices and honoring their decisions, represent significant deviations from prior accepted more paternalistic institution-centered practice.  To read the full article, please visit here.

The full Process for Care Planning for Resident Choice, which includes blank forms and case studies, are available at,, and