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Region 5 – 2015 Annual Long-Term Care Provider Meeting

Sponsored by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Section for Long-Term Care Regulation

October 2, 2015:  Region 5
Location:  Macon, MO

As requested, SLCR will be hosting separate meetings for ICF/SNF and RCF/ALF care providers this year.  Advance registration is not required.

Handouts will not be provided at the meeting so please print them and bring them with you.  Please see the agenda and handouts for this specific location below.

2015 Provider Meeting Agenda- Region 5
Misappropriation: Medication Theft
Money Follows the Person
Social Media in Long-Term Care
Path to Safety, Minimal Assistance, More than Minimal Assistance

2015 Annual Long-Term Care Provider Meetings – Save the Date Updated


Sponsored by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Section for Long-Term Care Regulation

Coming to the following locations:
October 2, 2015:  Region 5 – Macon, MO
October 23, 2015:  Region 1 – Springfield, MO
October 28, 2015:  Region 4 – St. Joseph, MO
October 29, 2015:  Region 3 – Kansas City, MO
November 3, 2015:  Region 2 – Cape Girardeau, MO
November 4, 2015:  Region 7 – St. Louis, MO
November 16, 2015:  Region 6 – Jefferson City, MO

As requested, SLCR will be hosting separate meetings for ICF/SNF and RCF/ALF care providers this year!  Advance registration is not required.  Times for each meeting have been set and added to the flyer.  Please see the updated flyer here for more details.

26th Annual Gerontology Clinical Update

December 3-4, 2015:  MU Gerontology Clinical Update
Location:  Peachtree Banquet Center, Columbia, MO

This gerontology conference is two days of evidence-based and application-oriented educational programming based on a combination of suggestions from past participants, current literature and hot topics suggested by the conference planning committee.  Experienced gerontology nurses from hospitals, LTC settings, rehabilitation, home and community health, as well as gerontology nursing faculty, a licensed nursing home administrator, social worker and a LTC facility surveyor, have determined the topics for this year’s event.  Every effort has been made to translate the latest evidence into practical and useful knowledge for the gerontology practitioner.

Please see the brochure attached or visit the MU Gerontology Clinical Update conference page here for more information.

Missouri Association of Nursing Home Administrators Workshop

October 27, 2015:  MANHA’s Compliance & HIPAA Workshop
Location:  Ameristar Convention Center, St. Charles, MO

Whether new to compliance or a pro looking to fine tune your program, this workshop will help you take it to the next level.  Identify strategies for avoiding and responding to compliance falls.  Learn practical approaches for developing and keeping an effective approach to compliance.  And problem solve and strategize to improve your compliance program and keep it effective.

Please see the brochure here for more details or visit the Missouri Association of Nursing Home Administrators Convention & 1 day Seminar’s page here.

Center for Patient Safety’s Long-Term Care Safety Improvement Program

The Center for Patient Safety has a new program to gather data to help Missouri providers address two major concerns:  falls with injury and adverse events with high-risk medications.  Participants in the program will spend a few minutes per event on a web-based data-gathering platform.  CPS will process the information and, together with Primaris, develop solutions for issues identified in the reports.  In addition to their contribution to safety, participants will benefit in several ways:

  • Access to a data platform that can function as an internal electronic incident reporting system,
  • Federal confidentiality protection for the participant’s work on the reported areas, and
  • Access to an excel-based tool to record root cause investigations and CPS resources for effective investigation.

For more information, please see the flyer here or contact Kathy Wire at

Readmissions/Medication Safety/Behavioral Health Webinar

October 21, 2015:  Transitional Care in a Small Rural Community: The Effects on Reductions of Readmissions
Speaker:  Debbie Burchfield, RN, Director of Nursing and Chief Operations Officer with Grayson County Home Health

Join this webinar to explore the differences between a transitional care nursing program and usual care post-discharge, as well as the effect all-cause re-admissions has on geriatric patients with LACE risk scores of 9 or greater.

Please visit the event page here to register for this webinar.

Nursing Home Quality Improvement Collaborative Learning Session II

October 1, 2015:  Collaborative Learning Session II:  Activities for Daily Living, Incontinence and Antipsychotic Medications

Join this webinar to learn more about key interventions, strategies for improving activities of daily living, incontinence and antipsychotic medication quality measures through experiences shared by nursing home peers.

Please visit the event page here to register for this webinar.

Conversations with Carmen

October 1, 2015:  Creating Rampant Normalcy
Guest Speaker:  Glenn, Blacklick, NHA, Action Pact Consultant

The September webinar received such positive reviews that Action Pact is going to offer it again on Thursday, October 1.  If you missed it the first time, here is your 2nd chance.  This is a hot topic!

Nationally known for successfully bringing normal life pursuits to nursing home residents, Glenn will share how to accomplish this, from his dual perspective as a recreation therapist and innovative administrator.  Hear how residents have ventured out of the community to climb trees, navigate rivers, go boating, fishing, motorcycling; and also ventured inside the community, engaging their talents and pursuing wellness.  Glenn encourages others to look at their home and community through residents’ eyes – where a good life every day is within their reach.

Please visit the Conversations with Carmen event page here for more details including registration.

SLCR Region 1 Manager Announcement

It is with great pleasure that SLCR announces the appointment of Ruth Tuttle as the SLCR manager for Region 1 located in Springfield.  Ruth’s promotion was effective September 16, 2015.  Ruth has been with the section for several years and has held positions as a Facility Inspector, Facility Surveyor II and most recently as a Facility Surveyor III.  In her most recent role as an FSIII, Ms. Tuttle supervised the Complaint Team and the Assisted Living and Residential Care Inspection Team.  Ms. Tuttle welcomes your telephone calls at (417)895-6435.