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Emergency Protocol for Long-Term Care Homes

The Emergency Protocol was developed in 2007 for communication between long-term care homes and the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation (SLCR), in the event a disaster occurs that results in a loss of a necessary service.  (Electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.)  This protocol was established to streamline communication so that homes can focus on what is most important – the safety and well-being of the residents.

This protocol provides the cellular telephone number corresponding to the region in which your home is located if you experience a loss in a necessary service that has the potential to affect resident safety or well-being.  You are encouraged to contact the regional office main office telephone number during normal business hours as survey staff carry the cell phone and may be conducting a survey or inspection during working hours and may not answer immediately.  Please remember, this protocol is NOT to be used to self-report incidents normally reported to the Elderly Abuse & Neglect Hotline (1-800-392-0210). 


Main Office

Emergency Only Cell Number

#1 Springfield

(417) 895-6435

(417) 425-8780

#2 Poplar Bluff

(573) 840-9580

(573) 778-6495

#3 Kansas City

(816) 889-2818

(816) 719-0089

#4 Cameron

(816) 632-6541

(816) 632-9371

#5 Macon

(660) 385-5763

(660) 651-1468

#6 Jefferson City

(573) 751-2270

(573) 619-3338

#7 St Louis

(314) 340-7360

(314) 623-2852

The State of Missouri map outlining the counties in each region is available at

Additional resources for disaster and emergency planning are available at

If you have any questions about the Emergency Protocol, please contact the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation at 573-526-8524.

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